Level war-class[1]
Type Cyber
Attribute vaccine
Family Wind Guardians
Prior forms Phoenixmon
Next forms Wardramon (DNA w/ Mechadramon)

Warphoenixmon's appereance is similar to that of Phoenixmon in armor. It has small extenable arms right under it's wings, and expandable and retractable Ion Laser Canons. The tip of it's wings have a sharp edge allowing it to slash enemies when it flies by. It can fly at huge speed, and enhance it's speed with jets mounted under it's wings. Warphoenixmon's special attack is Crimson Flare Rockets a stronger and faster version of Phoenixmon Crimson Flare.

Warphoenixmon can DNA digivolve with Mechadramon. Mechadramon's body is equipped with Warphoenixmons blade and lasers as well as wings and enhanced armor. The blades are retractable but the guns can't be retracted.