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Weird Warp contium

Scene I

5 mins

(Reginald and Babydramon wake up in a jungle of the the Digital World.)

Reginald: Babydramon, are you alright?

Babydramon: Your device is glowing.

Reginald: What is this device anyway?

Babydramon: Whats happening?

(The scene skips to the digivolution of Babydramon.)

Dracomon: I feel invincible.

Reginald: Ha, good for you, but were are the others?

Dracomon: They could be anywhere.

Reginald: No duh, Einstein.

Dracomon: Hey!

Scene II

10 mins

(The scene skips to Mak, Mitzy, and Dillon along with their digimon in an Aztec area in the Digital World.)

Tanemon: We are not far away from Ilice, and Tyson. I can smell them.

Pinamon: I can smell Ilice nearby and I smell nasty plumes.

Mak: Hey, can you guys be quiet about food, good or bad?

Mitzy/Dillon/Frimon: Ditto.

Mak: Hey, do you guys have a glowing device.

Dillon: I know what these are. They're a device called the digivice.

(All three of the digimon digivolve)

Floramon: Why don't I look like Palmon.

Everyone: Who cares!!!!!!!

Floramon: Well

Everyone: Quiet!!!!!!!

(A Fugamon comes out of no where)

Fugamon: Get out of my territory, Evil Hurricane.

Leormon: Critical Bite.

(Leormon makes it through the Evil Hurricane, bites Fugamon and kills him.)

Mak: Leormon,wow!

Scene III

15 mins

(The scene skips to Ilice and Tyson with Gomamon and Tentomon.)

Gomamon: Man this end of forest and beginning Aztec is bizzar.

Ilice: Your opinion is really a good fact in personized realitazation, very Prodigist!

Tyson: Look at her radiance and beauty as she speaks.

Tentomon: Super shocker.


Ilice: What are you doing, Tentomon

Tentmon: Training.

Scene IV

20 mins

(A Gorillamon comes out of no where and attacks.)

Gorillamon: Energy Blast.

Dracomon: Baby Breath.

(Gorillamon is hit along with Gomamon)

(Enraged by Gomamon being down and Tyson's crying, Dracomon's core allows him to digivolve.)

Coredramon: Strike Bomber, and it will hurt.

(Coredramon hits Gorillamon in the sky and uses Blue Flare Breath to dismolish Gorillamon to bits.)

Coredramon: Lets get the others.

(As the other 3 others come.)

Coredramon: Where are the others.

Narrator: Will they ever find the other DigiDestined. Find out in the next episode of Digimon Digital Monsters.

To be continued.....

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