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Gai·a /ˈgīə/

The earth viewed as a vast self-regulating organism.

Gaia, a once peaceful world within the Digital Universe undiscovered by humanity until the contract of a greedy genius head of a Mining Industry and a world renowned German Computer programmer chanced upon this new world through interferences happening on Earth. The world of Gaia comes under threat when the contract goes wrong and the young son of the Computer Scientist enters bent on controling all life.

In order to combat this threat nine children from around the world are chosen to defend the digital inhabitants, called Digimon, and drive out the tyrant. Will the defeat of the human programer finally free the Digimon from their oppression or is there something else lurking in the shadows?


Main Characters
Character Digimon
A.J. Wickendon
Wikkendon A.J. (ヰッケンドン AJ?)
A.J. is generally light-hearted & comical, although when a fight breaks out his personality changes & he becomes focused & intense.
Anry Moter
Mota Anrē (モタ アンレー?)
Cheerful & perky on the outershell, not letting things get her down easily.
Danny Atra
Atora Dani (アトラ ダニ?)
An impatient boy, always wanting to know what's coming next.
Holly Summers
Samāzu Horī (サマーズ ホリー?)
Holly is solid & tough, & is sometimes seen as a bit of a rude snob.
Jihyuk Song
Songu Jīyaku (ソング ジーヤク?)
A quiet & reserved boy, with social awkwardness tendency.
Miya Adeline
Aderīnu Miya (アデリーヌ ミヤ?)
At first appearance most people want to take care of her but she usually ends up taking care of others emotionally or if they get hurt.
Molly Syrus
Sairasu Morī (サイラス モリー?)
She enjoys everything in her life, she was told her mother had died when she was born so she often gets insecure when that is ever brought up.
Shermy Chen
Chen Shāmī (チェン シャーミー?)
Can be cynical, but laughs are still solicitable...
Vicente Bagoisan
Bagoisan Bisente (バゴイサン ビセンテ?)
He is a nice person who most people get along with.


The Digivice for the children acts as a guide and valuable storage device for their awaiting adventures. There are several features that the D-Gaia uniquely proves to hold as well as common ones like the ability to see through the partner's eyes in emergencies, a communicator, and Digital data storage. Crest Holder: It holds the crests for each child, storing power within it with every defeat of a Digimon. Battle Radar: An extremely helpful functions that works in different ways for every device. The Device alone can pick up signals of Digimon coming the person's way if it is a Rookie Digimon or higher. It also picks up on other children and their Digimon and also landmarks that were build by their crests. Digipedia: Thanks to the original creators of the D-Gaia's, they store information on every Digimon known to exist. Dimensions


The Digimon Gaia Universe is part of a multiverse, of which each universe inhabits their own unique human world and Digital World. Some have the lucky ability to travel through these dimensions, but at times it can harbour trouble for those not being able to return their own Dimension, AJ and Shenmon being a victim of this.

Each chosen child is from a different part of the world and based on real places, the exact addresses will never be registered but cities and nations will be mentioned over the course of episodes. All the characters have seperate lives, but some may have known each other when they were younger which might familiarise some of the characters with the other places of the world.

The Digimon in this universe do not permanently die after being defeated or turn into bits of data,instead, after they have been defeated their souls remain in the "Realm of Purification" for awhile before becoming an egg again and being reborn.

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