Digimon Galactic Warriors is a fanfictional Digimon series. It seems to have some of the elements from Mega Man Star Force, Digimon Adventure, Digimon Tamers, Digimon Frontier, Digimon Data Squad & Digimon Fusion.

Plot summary


Galactic Warriors

Character Digimon
Taiwon Markusaki
Markusaki Taiwon ({{{2}}}?)
The leader and general of the Galactic Warriors; a young brave, impulsive, optimistic, loyal, hot-blooded, blue-eyed 15-year-old boy who was chosen by Omnimon to lead his friends through time of the Digital World.
Nia Sakari
Sakari Nia ({{{2}}}?)
A female member of the Galactic Warriors; a young beautiful, cute, kind, pretty, smart, bossy, whiny, passionate, cheerful, caring, spoiled, pink-eyed 14-year-old girl of Hungarian, French, Italian, and African American descent who is a daughter of rich couple and Taiwon's love interest, sweetheart, and girlfriend.
Ron Ushikario
Ushikario Russell ({{{2}}}?)
Second-in-command of the Galactic Warriors; a young fat, goodhearted, charismatic, eccentric, somewhat dim-witted, 15-year-old boy of Norwegian and Brazilian descent who is Taiwon's best friend.
Cara Mitasoki
Mitasoki Cara ({{{2}}}?)
A tough, calm, intelligent, tomboyish, 14-year-old girl who is Taiwon's twin sister, separated after their parents' divorce. She has a secret crush on Ron.
Felix Hitamonto
Hitamonto Felix ({{{2}}}?)
A selfish, jealous, miserable, manipulative, 16-year-old boy of Irish descent who is Taiwon and Cara's cousin.