Digimon Gates of the Digital World

Digimon Gates of the Digital World is a fanmade Digimon series with a somewhat extended story. When children in Japan begin receiving Digimon partners without warning, it is soon obvious that something is wrong. As the new Gates between the Real World and the Digital World continue to open throughout Japan, dangerous Digimon start to appear and cause mayhem, PicoDevimon, a small bat-like Digimon, who will prove to be a bigger threat than anticipated, among them. It is the duty of these children, now Tamers, to stop the rampaging creatures from destroying their homeland, and to discover the mystery behind the distortions between the worlds.

Plot Summary

In this series, the Tamers receive an 'Official Tamer Card', which falls from the sky in a location close to them, right before obtaining their Digimon partner through the bright light that signifies a Digital Gate opening. It is necessary to insert this Tamer Card into their respective Digivices, transformed from their Card Readers, objects which every Digimon fan has, into an 'insert card' type of engine, so as to be registered as such and to action their partner's first evolution from the In-Training to Rookie level. Every evolution thence is activated by the respective evolution card needed for it, with the exception of the Mega level, which is locked away from the reach of the Digivice's power. No Digimon whose evolution was artificially engineered by a Tamer, however, can maintain the energy needed to stay in a level above Rookie for more than a short amount of time, eventually degenerating to Rookie or below, depending on the energy used. Much like in the Digimon Tamers series, special cards which were originally not in the Tamer's deck of Digimon Cards can be inserted into the Digivices to achieve different results in their Digimon, such as a special attack or means of defense.

When Tamamura Satoshi obtains his Digimon partner Coronamon, his friend Yoshiyuki Miku soon obtaining her own in Kotemon, the adventure begins. Digital Gates open throughout the city, and they soon meet other Tamers, such as Murakami Tohru and his partner Bearmon, or Ikeda Aoko and her partner Labramon, making close friends of them. However, it turns out not all Tamers are very friendly, as Yamada Ren and his partner Leomon prove when they challenge the others to try and defeat him, threatening to delete their Digimon were they to refuse, a matter reinforced by a mysterious Tamer later revealed to be named Asakura Keita and his partner BlackTailmon, whose only objective is to erase as many Digimon as possible. The biggest problem in the Tamers' path, though, is actually the small bat-like Demon Digimon, PicoDevimon, whose cunning and lying ways bring trouble and danger to their lives. When PicoDevimon manages to completely corrupt Ren's heart, the Doors to Darkness open, allowing PicoDevimon to evolve into Devimon and bring the Tamers into the Digital World, currently ran by the tyrannical hand of the Seven Great Demon Lords.

Narrowly defeating four of the Seven Great Demon Lords, the Tamers are forced back into the Real World to stop the remaining three Demon Digimon and Devimon, who has now become NeoDevimon after absorbing the data of the deleted Demon Lords, from conquering the human race. In the Real World, the Demon Digimon join forces with Keita and Ren's sister, Rin, and her partner SkullSatamon. As the final battle approaches, Ren confronts Rin, LadyDevimon permanently deletes Lilamon, Ooharu Hiroki's, the school teacher of the Tamers, partner, the Tamers solidify their bonds, and Lilithmon begins her campaign of destruction, seeing humans as vile, disgusting creatures. When NeoDevimon loses control of the Demon Lord data in his body as a result of absorbing Belphemon's, he mutates into the nearly invincible Ogudomon. It is only through the combined power of all Mega level Digimon partners that Ogudomon is eventually deleted, finally saving the two worlds, and forcing the Tamers to part with their new best friends.

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