Every journey has a begining. And this one starts with near death of the young boy who is out on a walk. "Crap!" said Murphy McKee as a Huge hole opened Below him. As he fell has was grabbed by a strange insect who flew back up from the hole. He saw a group of Strange creatures Known as Digimon attacking the insect. The Flamedramon were a group of guards attacking the rouge Stingmon. "Look out!" Murphy Yelled as a Fire Rocket blasted Stingmon's face causing him to Crash land into a cart being pulled by 4 Raidramon. The Iron was Dented and Stingmon fell of the Cart and was Captured by a Group of Vemmon. Both Murphy and Stingmon were thrown into a Cart and The cart was Pulled away. Inside the cart were a RedVegiemon and a Piedmon. Suddenly the Cart was flipped over and they Looked out the window to see a Monochromon and a Garurumon Attacking the Cart. "Stand Down you fools!" Yelled the Flamedramon as they attacked with no avail. Then the Knight Sagittarimon Arrived and attacked Instantly. "Eat arrow you foolish beasts!" He Screamed but the arrows bounced off Monochromon's armor and Garurumon Could dodge the arrows. Then the Mafia Leader Astamon Appeared with an Purple Xros loader And said two simple words "Digi Xros" all of a Sudden ChromeGarurumon was Formed and used his Metalic Roar attack. The Cart was Shredded and Stingmon and Murphy barely escaped.


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