"This is just a Nightmare" Murphy muttered Pinching himself. ChromeGarurumon was Blasting everything with his Metalic Roar and Giving Stingmon iron splinters. "The pain is Unbearable!" Stingmon Screamed as a Giant iron splinter Stabbed into Stingmon's Back. Then Astamon used Hellfire and blasted The Flamedramon and burnt Sagittarimon. "Reload! Dorulumon!" Then Sagittarimon Brought out a Red Xros Loader with flames on it. "This ends now You beast! Reload DeadlyAxemon" as DeadlyAxemon Ran past Dorulumon Slashing his face Drawing blood."Please,Please just Go away and leave us in peace!" Murphy Yelled as Dorulumon's Drill swerved above Stingmon's Head. Murphy then drags Stingmon Behind a Large chunk of metal to protect them. Dorulumon Absorbs ChromeGarurumon to Become ChromeDorulumon and Deadlyaxemon fuses with The Flamedramon Guards to make InfernoAxemon. "Now it Begins!" Shouts Astamon with a Laugh as ChromeDorulumon Rushes forward. "Chrome Drill!" Yelled ChromeDorulumon As his Drill Pierced InfernoAxemon's Armor. "Pyro X!" Roared InfernoAxemon Using his Flaming BattleAxes to cut a Burning X into ChromeDorulumon's Fur. "This could end Quicker if we Could help" Said Murphy and he Turned around to seean Old Man ask him one thing. "Do you wish to be Partnered with Stingmon". "Yes!" Murphy said Without a Second thought and he was Given a Marsh Green Xros Loader. And upon seeing a remaining Flamedramon Guard Almost Dead he Decided to try it. "Stingmon! Flamedramon! DigiXros! FlareKuwagamon!"

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