"What happens now" asked Murphy as FlareKuwagamon stood before him. "We fight" Said FlareStingmon as his Burning Cutter hit Astamon."Why you! ChromeDorul-" Astamon yelled as InfernoAxemon Slashed Astamon. The battle was in Sagittarimon's favor, until Calcmon came. The small digimon was wandering around the BattleField and was captured by ChromeDorulumon. Astamon then Openned the Xros and Instead Formed ShiningWolfmon With Dorulumon and Calcumon. ShiningWolfmon then uses his Power to Super Dark Digivolve Dorulumon to JagerLoweemon. "This is your end!" Screamed Astamon as JagerLoweemon Advanced Super Digivolved to Rhihimon. Rhihimon Then uses his dar powers to summon 3 Keramon. "Crap, Keramon can eat data and Have a Deadly Crazy Giggle Attack." Exclaimed FlareStingmon. "What are They Doing?" Asked Murphy as the middle Keramon Ate the Other Keramon. The Middle Keramon then Digivolved to Infermon and Then Digixrossed Rhihimon with Infermon to make SpiderRhihimon. "Time to go a Step up!" Said Murphy as he used Monochromon and Garurumon with Stingmon to Make Kimeramon Prototype2 Stingmon Fusion. He then got Flamedramon to Attack from Behind SpiderRhihimon. "Chrome Howl!" Yelled Kimera P2SF As he Attack with Flamedramon.

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