White Thunder

Screenshot Character Voice actor Digimon Voice Actor
Eddy Sinkford
(Sinkford Eddy)
(Yellow) Shoutmon (Getters!)
Easily tricked and not very bright is Eddy who is always willing to show off. But then he meets his partner Shoutmon and that's when his adventure started. Wielding a red and yellow X Loader he shows off more than ever! He is in the same class as Hannah and Trevor.
Trevor Linkinghimer
(Linkinghimer Trevor)
BlackGabumon (Getters!)
Trevor is Eddy's friend since kindergarden and never left his side until he got his partner BlackGabumon. He is very kind and loyal to Eddy and gets along with Hannah. He has a black and grey X Loader which allows BlackGabumon to digivolve or digixros. He is in the same class as Eddy and Hannah.
Hannah Roarico
(Roarico Hannah)
Dracomon (Getters!)
Hannah is very shy and is rarely seen mad. She stays shy until she meets Dracomon who gave her the courage to digivolve him to Coredramon. She has a dream to be a artist as her friends always love to see her drawings.She wields a aqua green and red X loader. She is in the same class as Eddy and Trevor.
Yuu Amano
(Amano Yuu)
Damemon Xros Wars
Yuu is the former pawn of DarkKnightmon and is about two years older then the other group members. He can digixros his Damemon and Hannah's Dracomon to create DameDracomon. He is the prodigy of group and with his yellow X Loader he can digivolve Damemon and digixros him with other digimon.