Digimon Gods is about when the new Digidestined battle these Digimon more powerful then mega level Digimon and are classed as God level Digimon.

Leo Icugame. Digimon Partner:Zademon. Ultamate: Armourmon Mega: RageZademon God: GoldZademon.

Sara Ledouchi. Digimon Partner: Henmon. Ultamate: Pekdramon Mega: Birdrocketmon God: Sydneymon

Luke Gochichu. Digimon Partner: Gogomon. Ultamate: Radarmon Mega: Angelmon God: Holymon

Indigo Udchito. Digimon Partner: Totomon. Ultamate: Tomemon Mega: LadyAngelmon God: Rainbowomon

Evil God Digimon: Wyvernmon, Castlemon, Darkmon, LadyDarkmon, RiotZademon and Xrosmon.

Past Digidestined: Davis and ExVeemon and Ken And Stingmon

DNA Digivoloutions: GodImpearialdramon(ExVeemon and Stingmon), ZadeDramon(BirdRocketmon and RageZademon), Warriormon(Angelmon and LadyAngelmon) KnightDramon(Wyvernmon and Castlemon).

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