Level Mega
Type Angel
Attribute Vaccine
Family Virus Busters
Prior forms Ophanimon + Protonomon
Partners Nyoka

Shimmerdiamon is the guardian of light, she is partnered to Nyoka and is Kaizerdramon’s girlfriend. She is very powerful with attack combinations that only work with Kaizerdramon as well as attacks of her own. Her nickname is Shimmer and her coupling with Kaizer is called Shikaizer. They have kissed a few times so far!


  • Shimmering Light: An attack which is powerful against especially evil digimon, using the powers of light to hit the enemy.
  • Sceptre of the Sun: Attacks with the power of the sun, channeled through her sceptre.
  • Solar Overload: Attacks the foe with overpowering sunlight.