Digimon Guardians Of Time is a season after al 7 seasons of Digimon. It took place in the near future, tied in with Yugioh Zexal.


After MaloMyotismon was defected, the DigiDestiend grew older and had children to regrow the Digital World. But then, Cherubimon from another Digital World, sucked all new DigiDestined to a unknown world were Digimon roam. Now it is up for all the new DigiDestined to save all Digital Worlds and time it self.


Fan:Whillis (Guardians Of Time) Fan:GatoVeemon (Guardians Of Time) Fan:Sopie (Guardians Of Time) Fan:V-Gatomon (Guardians Of Time) Fan:Julie (Guardians Of Time) Fan:Armadilomon (Guardians Of Time) Fan:Juliet (Guardians Of Time) Fan:Hawkmon (Guardians Of Time) Fan:John (Guardians Of Time) Fan:Wormmon (Guardians Of Time) Fan:Alex (Guardians Of Time) Fan:BiyoAgumon (Guardians Of Time) Fan:Sara (Guardians Of Time) Fan:AguBiyomon (Guardians Of Time) Fan:Lucy (Guardians Of Time) Fan:PlantGabumon (Guardians Of Time) Fan:Joey (Guardians Of Time) Fan:WolfPalmon (Guardians Of Time) Fan:Carol (Guardians Of Time) Fan:Tentomon (Guardians Of Time) Fan:Andrew (Guardians Of Time Fan:Gomamon (Guardians Of Time) Fan:Kaze (Guardians Of Time) Fan:Patamon (Guardians Of Time) Fan:Lily (Guardians Of Time) Fan:Renadramon (Guardians Of Time) Fan:Taki (Guardians Of Time) Fan:HazardRenamon (Guardians Of Time) Fan:Jack (Guardians Of Time) Fan:Novamon (Guardians Of Time) Fan:Jilly (Guardians Of Time) Fan:Terramon (Guardians Of Time) Fan:Strike (Guardians Of Time) Fan:Aquamon (Guardians Of Time) Fan:Suzy (Guardians Of Time) Fan:Lillomon (Guardians Of Time) Fan:Saka (Guardians Of Time) Fan:Kiara (Guardians Of Time) Fan:Tommy (Guardians Of Time) Fan:T.C (Guardians Of Time) Fan:Dusk (Guardians Of Time) Fan:Kazu (Guardians Of Time) Fan:MelodyAgumon (Guardians Of Time) Fan:Krystal (Guardians Of Time) Fan:Laladramon (Guardians Of Time) Fan:Josh (Guardians Of Time) Fan:Gaomon (Guardians Of Time) Fan:Tak (Guardians Of Time) Fan:LunaShoutmon (Guardians Of Time) Fan:Shade (Guardians Of Time) Fan:VictoryLunamon (Guardians Of Time) Fan:Tairu (Guardians Of Time) Fan:Gumdramon (Guardians Of Time) Fan:Kawiki (Guardians Of Time) Fan:Opossumon (Guardians Of Time)


It fetures all Digivolutions from the past 7 seasons, but there are 3 more kinds:

Fuse Digivolution fuses a human and a Digimon together into a Human Digimon hybrid.

Time Xros is a kind of Digixros that turns any Digimon who Digixroses from prevous times into more history like.

Ulamate DNA Charge is a overflowing version of DNA Charge OVERDRIVE, which turns a Rookie into a Super Mega.


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