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Digimon Heroes is a fanfiction focused on eight Chosen Humans and Digimon with Digi-Medals, (Dragon, Beast/Animal, Insect/Plant, Bird, Aquan, Machine/Mutant, Holy, and Dark species).

The chosen Digimon (Rookies) are

Iguanomon, a Dragon species Digimon like an iguana (with some dinosaur characteristics). His attacks are Venom Grenade and Blaze Claws.

Buffmon, a Beast/Animal species Digimon like a bison (with some Native American influences). Her attacks are Spirit Horn and Gaia Rush.

Crickemon, an Insect/Plant species Digimon like a cricket (with some floral attributes). Her attacks are Nature Song and Blitz Kick.

Robinomon, a Bird species Digimon like a robin (with some attributes from burglars). His attacks are Blade Feathers and Tiny Tornado.

Sharkmon, an Aquan species Digimon like a shark (a great white). His attacks are Mini Tsunami and Petite Fang.

Martimon, a Machine/Mutant species Digimon like a space alien (specifically a Martian). Her attacks are Mind Laser and Astro Punch.

Satyremon, a Holy species Digimon like the Greek god Pan or a satyr (half-human, half-goat). His attacks are Diamond Waltz and White Noise.

Ammimon, a Dark species Digimon like Ammit (an Egyptian monster that is part crocodile, part lion, part hippo). Her attacks are Shadow Pulse and Soul Drainer.

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