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This is a fan fiction work. The story of 12 Indian children who are mysteriously sent to the Digital world.


Name Description Crest Partners
Ronit Singh Courage A sikh indian teenager. Guilmon dmGuilmon

Agumon dmAgumon (Classic) Agumon (2006 anime) dmAgumon (New)

Ashish Singh Tomar Friendship A boy of Rajput-Class. Terriermon dmTerriermon

Gabumon dmGabumon Gaomon dmGaomon

Prerna Surtaj Sincerity A spoilt rich girl. Renamon dmRenamon

Palmon dmPalmon Lalamon dmLalamon

Khushhali Jain Love A Fair girl. Girlfriend of Ashish Hawkmon dmHawkmon

Biyomon dmBiyomon Falcomon (2006 anime) dmFalcomon (New)

Siddharth Jindal Reliability A short-heighted boy. Swimmon dmSwimmon

Gomamon dmGomamon Kamemon dmKamemon

Piyush Shikhar Knowledge (not Wisdom) A fat, wheatish-complexioned bully. Wormmon dmWormmon

Tentomon dmTentomon Kunemon dmKunemon

Jay Singh Honesty (Miracles in Digimon Adventure) A tall Sikh boy. Hagurumon dmHagurumon

Veemon dmVeemon Monodramon dmMonodramon

Anika Yaduvanshi Enlightment (Light in Digimon Adventure) A beautiful girl. Elecmon dmElecmon

Salamon dmSalamon PawnChessmon (Black) dmPawnchessmon (Black)

Gaurav Tomar Hope A wheatish-complexioned,intelligent guy. Impmon dmImpmon

Patamon dmPatamon PawnChessmon (White) dmPawnChessmon (White)

Dhiraj Raghuvanshi Kindness A guy shorter than Siddharth Lopmon dmLopmon

Armadillomon dmArmadimon Kudamon (2006 anime) dmKudamon (New)

Kritica Arora Purity (Not in Digimon Adventure) A mysterious girl, très belle. Dorumon dmDorumon,And, later, also,

Ryudamon dmRyudamon

Shanaya Singh Wisdom (Not in Digimon Adventure) A girl well-known to all, but mysteriously in Digital World. Candlemon dmCandmonX2

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