This is a story about 8 kids going to the digiworld and they created their own digimon. They go area to area getting Fan:Area Tags gaining allies and enemies. The leader of the digidestined is Fan:Zack Z-Man with his partner Fan:Flame`omon Knight. This is about get the Area Tags and the digimon to achieve Fan:Knight Digivolution.

Area Tags

In Fan:Digimon Knights the areas such as Armadillomon Village have tags that is held by the mayor or leader. When you obtain the tag you wear it around your neck if you have too much tags you can upload it in your digivice.

Armadillomon Village

It`s a village where the Armadillomon live in Fan:Digimon Knights.The Armadillomon that live here are very kind but they are pranksters as seen digging holes and covering them so random people fall in them. They also have a Area Tag that is trusted with their leader Digmon.

Friend Town

This place has about every digimon spieces in the entire digital world and the place where Fan:Anna Nickapad met Fan:Veemon Knight who can armor digivolve to Sagittarimon. Every digimon in this place are nice and non-voilent yet Anna had to play detective to find out who stole their Area Tag.