Queen KabukimonThe Digimon Land humans are a symbol of peace through digimon and humans. There job is to keep the peace in the digtal world. Kabukimon is there leader who has a celestial power in her gave to by her by her master to defeat darkness.The other three digimon protect certain things. Shurimon makes shure that sincerity is always in the digital world. Yasyamon makes shure that the courage of the digimon is strong. Captain Sakuyamon makes shure that every digimon has love and hope in there hearts. That is the Digimon Land Humans!

Queen Kabukimon is the Queen of the Digimon land Humans! She keeps the peace between the worlds privatley with her human part of herself. Her human part was a spy to see how humans spend there day. When the job is done she can come to the digital world as Leomon.She can wipe out dark enemies with her Celestial Jutsu attack. She has three children to watch over. They are all Elecmon. She is the most powerful of the four of them.

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