Digimon Lost FanFic

Digimon Lost is a new fanfiction created completely by ekid020's account EKMessianicSlayer. It introduces more then 30 new Digimon, 10 all new crests, a combination of the old styles of Digivolution, A new Digivice (The D-Pad, I-Pad changed into a Digivice with Card-Slash Function).

New Characters: Eddie/EK and his Partner Loremon (In training: Bitemon (W), Champ Wolf of Courage: Tiberusmon, Ultimate Water Dragon Of Knowledge: Evedramon, Mega Demon of Hope: Messiahmon)

Morgan and her partner Fairymon (In training: Flittermon, Champ Dove of Love: Paxmon, Ult Nature Dragon of Sencerity: Dawndramon, Mega Demon of Light: Sanctimon)

Don and his Partner Nyanmon (In training: Coalmon, Champion Lioness of Friendship: Amicoromon, Ultimate Fire Dragon of Reliability: Sundramon, Mega Demon of Kindness: Benificimon)

Taylor and her partner Cracklemon (In training: Powmon, Champion Bear of (New Crest see pics) Tenacity: Volomon, Ultimate Dragon of (New Crest see pics) Determination: Moondramon, Mega Demon of (New Crest) Faith: Fidelusmon)

Cordelia and her partner BabyAngemon (In training: Parvamon, Champion Angel of Miracles: Miracmon, Ultimate Light Dragon of Destiny: Angedramon, Mega Demon of (New Crest) Unity: Synagougomon) Cordy will be introduced in Chapter 7.

Lindy and her partner Servmon (Character In Progress, Will Update Wiki as more information is available; Lindy the artist behind the crests and soon-to-be-up character models is the inspiration to this character. Character was added to newest chapter that will be up 2/13/2012 at 10 PM.) (Crests All New: Imagination, Intuition, Dreams)

Shikunomon: All the Protagonist Mega's Combined in one!

Main Antagonist Parallel Universe Eddie and his partner Mythmon (In training: Bitemon(B), Champion WereWolf of (New Crest) Terror: Appenimon, Ultimate Dragon of (New Crest) Destruction: Satanadramon, Mega Demon of Evil/Darkness (New Crest) Ragnoromon with Mode Changes Fenrir Mode (Beast), Jurmungand Mode (Dragon), and Loki Mode (Demon))

Dark Eddie's Articial Digimon Followers Artificimon (Champion), Synthemon (Ultimate), Prostetimon (Mega) Warped(Digimon's Name Here)

Dark Eddie's Main Weapon: The Dark Serum, Black Card Algorithm

Recurring Digimon from the Animes and Mangas: 7 Great Demon Lords (Major Villains) Fanglongmon and Yygdrasil/King Drasil (Heroes' Main Helpers) The Sovereigns (Help Unlock The Demon Souls in Chapter 26 (Not Out for about 3 months)) The Royal Knights (Main Defense Against The Demon Lords) The Four Great Dragons (For the time Azulongmon is replaced by Machinedramon, used for Unlocking Dragon Soul in chapter 16 (1 month))

For a good read and Please write reviews of what you think:

That is my official link! Thank you! More information as I get stuff done!

The New Stuff (Art Done by L I N D Y):


The Crest of Tenacity!


The Crest Of Determination!

File:Evil Crest.jpg

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