Digimon Mega Xros Wars is a suiqel after Digimon Xros Wars. Unlike Digimon Xros Wars, it has a little Chirstany inside every episode. it also shows the characters from Digimon Data Squad and Digimon Xros Wars it self.


It took place one year after Digimon Data Squad and two years after Digimon Xros Wars, Jane Long, a chirstan american that moved to Japan, hears a voice calling for help after school. with Thomas and Yoshi chaseing after her, they suddenly go to the Digital World and meet Gatomon and her friends, and a sudden appearance of Marcus and Agumon (Data Squad) along side them, they will go on to the Digital World and make new members


Hopeful Soul

Jane Long (Mega Xros Wars Thomas Yoshi Marcus Gatomon (Mega Xros Wars) Antilamon (Mega Xros Wars) Gargomon (Mega Xros Wars) Doggymon (Mega Xros Wars) Veggiemon (Mega Xros Wars) KOKOROmon (Mega Xros Wars) Shoutmon X5 (Mega Xros Wars) Terriermon (Mega Xros Wars) Lopmon (Mega Xros Wars) Viximon (Mega Xros Wars) DuskKnightmon (Mega Xros Wars) BlackShootermon (Mega Xros Wars) Gigimon (Mega Xros Wars) Starmons (Mega Xros Wars) Gummymon (Mega Xros Wars) Rapidmon (Mega Xros Wars)

Howling Star

Joe Andrews Garurumon (Mega Xros Wars) MetalKabuterimon (Mega Xros Wars) BurningGreymon (Mega Xros Wars) Agumon (Mega Xros Wars) MetalGreymon (Mega Xros Wars)

Darkness Moon

[[Rose Amono] (Mega Xros Wars)] Yamimon (Mega Xros Wars) Slashdramon (Mega Xros Wars) Monitormon (Mega Xros Wars) Sparrowmon (Mega Xros Wars)

Third Arc

In this arc, it took 1 year after YamiBaguramon as defected. Leading the groups now is Lisa Franks (Mega Xros Wars), Turbodramon (Mega Xros Wars) and other hunters, such as:

Prince Alexander (Mega Xros Wars) SnowAgumon (Mega Xros Wars) Alice Domia (Mega Xros Wars) Opossumon (Mega Xros Wars) Gothita Johnnson (Mega Xros Wars) KuroDracmon (Mega Xros Wars) Taiki Kudo Fan:Shoutmon (Mega Xros Wars)

and the two trubble makers:

BlackGatomon and Tsukaimon


Hopeful Soul's team members might be resembled to other shows. Such as:

Blue from Blue's Clues is Doggymon. Bob and Larry fron Veggietales is Veggiemon Green and Red. Rin Kagamine from Vocaloid is KOKOROmon. and Black Rock Shooter is BlackShootermon.

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