This article talks the fanfictional series. For the one about the fanfictional season of the same name, see Digimon Mighty Squadron.

Digimon Mighty Squadron (Digimon Mighty Sentai in Japan) is a fanfictional series of Digimon that was created by Reynoman in 2011. It's based on the "Zordon Era", a term reffering to the first six seasons of Power Rangers.

  1. Digimon Mighty Squadron (デジモンマイティ戦隊 Digimon Mighty Sentai): When sorceress Lilithmon is released from her prison, Seraphimon has to take action & form the DigiDestined. Five junior high school students begin the legacy by using DigiMemories to summon & ward off evil Digimon with their Dinosaur Digimon.
  2. Digimon Mighty Squadron 02 (デジモンマイティ戦隊02 Digimon Mighty Sentai 02)
  3. Digimon Mighty Squadron 03 (デジモンマイティ艦隊03 Digimon Mighty Sentai 03)
  4. Digimon Zeo (デジモンマイティ戦隊:神聖なニューパワーのファイターズ Digimon Mighty Sentai: The Fighters of the Sacred New Power): With the DigiMemories destroyed, the DigiDestined need a new source of power, & so they reform the Zeo Crystal, which gives them their Zeo Digimon. Using their Zeo powers, they must protect the Earth from invasion by the Machine Empire.
  5. Digimon Turbo (デジモンマイティ戦隊:高速で移動するの戦士 Digimon Mighty Sentai: The Warriors Who Travel At High Speed): When lady pirate Mermaimon threatens the safety of Earth, the DigiDestined's only hope lies in the amazing Turbo Powers, which gives them their Turbo Digimon. This revved up team finds assistance in Sheperdmon, & later, the mysterious Loweemon.
  6. Digimon In Space (デジモンマイティ戦隊:最後の砦を通じて冒険 Digimon Mighty Sentai: Adventures Throughout the Final Frontier): Blast off into the final frontier as the DigiDestined take off for outer space to prevent D-Reaper from stealing Seraphimon's energy. They will soar through the cosmos in the Astro DigiShip & fight the Princess of Evil.