Digimon NEO is a fanfiction based on the Digimon Franchise. It tells the story of eight teenagers that suddenly find themselves thrown inside the world of a famous MMORPG, N.E.O (Next Evolution Online), and cross paths during their quest to survive the wonders of the Digital World and to discover the means and the ends to the Game.

Main Characters

Team D-Heroes

Drake Kingston (天王寺 竜弥 Tatsuya Tennoji)

The main character and one of the GAME's players. Mostly seen reckless and irresponsible, but with a irredutibly kind heart. He possesses the white and navy blue D-HUMAN.

Dracomon (ドラコモン)

Drake's partner Digimon. While he likes helping others, he is too timid and often relies on Drake to mostly everything done. He can Digivolve to Coredramon (コアドラモン) by using the Dragon's Roar Digimemory, and to Wingdramon (ウィングドラモン) via Synchro Digivolution.

Madison Flynn (美鳥 茜 Akane Mitori)

One of the GAME's players. She is the first to encounter and become Drake's ally. Cheerful, go-getter, and considers herself to be the "Team Mom", and is always looking even for her enemies. She possesses the red and cyan D-HUMAN.

Piyomon (ピヨモン)

Madison's partner Digimon. Not unlike her human partner, Piyomon is energetic and loyal to her allies, despite her tendency to be overly blunt or honest with mostly everyone. She can Digivolve to Aquilamon (アクィラモン) by using the Wind Guardians Digimemory, and to Garudamon (ガルダモン) via Synchro Digivolution.

Leon Sanders (雷門 虎太郎 Kotaro Raimon)

One of the GAME's players. Doesn't get along with his team and his partner due to his taciturn and overly cool headed attitude. He tends to clash with Drake due to his attitude. He possesses the yellow and dark green D-HUMAN.

Liollmonn (リオルモン)

Leon's partner Digimon. While very similar to his own partner in personality, Liollmon is a bona-fide "blood knight", never missing the opportunity to have a good fight, even with his own team mates. He can Digivolve to Liamon (ライアモン) by using the Holy Beast Digimemory, and to LoaderLeomon (ローダーレオモン) via Synchro Digivolution.

Holly Stark (星野 真里亞 Maria Hoshino)

One of the GAME's players. The youngest of D-Heroes's four members. Naive and slightly spoiled, she lacks the maturity that her other team mates have, but has enormous drive and energy that ends up putting the team together. She possesses the pink and beige D-HUMAN.

Salamon (プロットモン Plotmon)

Holly's partner Digimon. Despite her overly cute look, she is pretty much a library of knowledge about all things inside the Digital World, and can be a fearsome enemy in battle. Possibly knows a lot more than she already lets on. She can Digivolve to D'Arcmon (ダルクモン) by using the Virus Busters Digimemory, and to Angewomon (エンジェウーモン) via Syncho Digivolution.

"The Four Knights"

Devin Gray (鬼塚涯 Gai Onizuka)

Impmon (インプモン)

Selena (癒月 Yudzuki)

Lunamon (ルナモン)

Friedrick "Fred" Baggins (林沢舜一 Shun'ichi Hayashizawa)

Wormmon (ワームモン)

Aaron Harris (霧崎哲朗 Tetsuro Kirisaki)

Hagurumon (ハグルモン)

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