One Year after Quartzmons Death the Fusion Fighters build a Zoo with every Kind of Animal of the Human World.

But with the opening of Zoo and the Digimon stomping through the Entrance a Machine under them has activated and brings back Extinct Animals. Its the Fusion Fighters Job to capture this Creatures to save the Digital World.

Season 1 Episode 1 Revival!! Visitors from the Past!

One Year Ago, Arresterdramon has Killed Quartzmon World Mode and saved the Human World and the Digital World. After the Digimon came back to the Digital World, Wisemon found a Storeroom with DNA samples of every kind of Animal of the Human World.

Present Day

A Zoo has been built in the part of the Digital World were the Honey Land should bee. Visitors from all Parts of the Digital World visiting this Zoo every day. As you might know Shoutmon is Digimon King right now, but what you didnt know that he Married Sparrowmon and became a son named Fourzemon. He is a Digimon with a great knowledge about digital space.

Shoutmon: Sparrowmon, im at the Paleo Lab !

Sparrowmon: Ok honey, have Fun !

The Paleo Lab is a base in the Digital Zoo, its close to the Tasmanian Devil enclosure. Shoutmon helped Wisemon to build the Zoo and he is now an Animal Expert. In the Paleo Lab Tentomon waited for Shoutmon.

Tentomon: Shoutmon look, i have created a Database with every Extinct Animal from the Human World, together with the reasons of their Extinction.

Shoutmon: good,i was wondering how many of those disapered. Wait whats this ?

Ballistamon: The News Paper, i read a unknown Digimon has Cracked a Trailmon Angler.

Shoutmon: Yeah Right, and a Plesiosaur has survided the Ice Age and lives in Loch Ness.

Starmon( Coming in ): Hey, Nessie did exist, her corpse has been found years ago.

Dorulumon: Maybe we should investigate.

Shoutmon: Ok then.

They go to the Attacked Tankmon where Cutemon can Heal him.

Tankmon: I never saw something like it. It looked liked a Giant Reptile.

Deputymon: I never saw a Reptile Digimon who can damage a Tankmon like this.

Wisemon:Let's see, Reptile Digimon,Quadrapedle, Carnivore...

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