Note: Specifically, of the entire universe, and all others. It's my favorite part. I don't have to explain myself to you!

<many grotesque mouths seeming to be positioned on a scrunch or snarl in space>

Ender - Hehehe...This is your Champion of the Light? Your Emissary of Goodness? Ha! He is nothing, a mere glimmer, a dim flash in the eternal night that is my kingdom.

Ender - Fine then. You challenge my power? Then face MY emissary. I trust he shall be a satisfactory opponent for you...

<a dark swirling vortex, from which a demonic, dragonoid figure emerges from dark elements.>


Rook: Havoc?! What's happened to you? What are you doing?

Havoc: Keeee...You always did talk too much. So much. Always crying, or whining, or bothering me. For once, would you just SHUT UP!!

<arm distends impossibly, stabs Mode through the heart>

<Mode begins to disintegrate, two small lights can be seen through thick haze>

Havoc: Finally, blessed silence! He can no longer bug me!

Ender:, there's still something there!

Havoc: Hmmm? Well, no matter.

<arm extends again, grabs Migi, and crushes him into dust. Data is released and drawn into Ender>

Havoc: There, I'm done... What is that damned noise?!

<quiet weeping can be heard, pan to Rook's face>

Rook: I wanted to just-just forget what you had done, just take you back home with me, and we could be a happy family again.

Havoc: You thought I WOULD go back with you? Ha!

Rook: Y-You killed him...You killed Migimon!

Havoc: So what? He was noisy.

Rook: You're a murderer. A murderer, a ravager, a destroyer.

<Rook begins glowing slightly>

Rook: There is nothing good about you anymore. I will accept it. I know now...I know what is to be done.

Havoc: Ha! You can't do anything! You have no power left!


Havoc: What?! You can't do that, I killed your Digimon! What do you think you are doing?

<Rook Digivolves to Supreme>

Ender: Stop him now, before he becomes a nuisance.

Su: You have become one with evil and destruction. It is impossible to forgive you, and you must be destroyed.

Havoc: And I suppose you are going to do it?


<feathers from wings detach and float over hands, form into eggs that immediately hatch>

<horde of Digimon flies to attack Havoc>

<Su lunges for Ender, thrusts his hands into the snarl>


<the snarl begins to smooth out as it is filled, but begins to wrinkle again>

Ender: You thought merely pouring water in the pit would fill it? The seven seas could not fill me!

<Ender moves torward and merges with Havoc>

Havoc: The POWER!

Su: Now, arise, the Twelve Gates. Awaken with the Power of Creation!

<bay opens in Supreme's black armored chest, twelve white pentagons fly out, assembling into wall. Su kicks them with a roundhouse, and they start glowing pure white>

Su: Awaken, the six gates, and be unlocked by the elements themselves.

<punches six of the gates, which take on a faint tint of color and fly off to start forming a dodecahedron>

Havoc: Hmmmph! This is your attack? Pathetic! Look, I'm in your box, out of your box...

Su: Awaken, the three gates, and be unlocked by the forces of light.

<Supreme's golden armor rotates forward, and flies at three more of the gates. They take on faint tints of pink, red, and blue>

Su: Awaken, the two gates, and be unlocked by roiling space and time.

<The sword and shield dissipate into beams of light which curl into a helix, and pierce two of the remaining gates, which tinge gold and fly off to seal the top and bottom of the dodecahedron>

Su: Awak-


<A spear of darkness lashes out from Havoc, and impales Supreme through the heart>

Havoc: Pathetic. All this silly chanting and ritual, and it doesn't even do what it's meant to. I am still able to hurt you - no gates can protect you from me. Fool...

<Supreme is dissipating into Fractal Code/DigiData, and the last gate begins to fade...>

Su: Awa...Awaken, the last...gate, and be unlocked by Sacrifice...

Havoc: What?

<Oddly, the data isn't flying away...>

Su: One final...sacrifice to the dark, one last vic-tory of death. So that there were none.

Havoc: What?!

<It's collapsing in on itself, into a point...>

Su: One last light to go out, so that all may eternally blaze with the light of a million suns.

Havoc: WHAT?!!

<A singularity that glows brighter than conceivable, and blazes forth with a flash as Supreme speaks two last words, before his mouth fades away.>


<The singularity suddenly becomes an infinitely thin but powerful ray of light, instantly piercing through the last gate, casting it into place>

<The universe changes>

<The twelve gates, together as intended, blaze forth with light, before instantly disappearing. We move to outside time itself, where we can see the infinite strands of history, separated by sin and evil, suddenly twist together at their end, and unite into a single glowing point. Between the coils, next to the point, is a ball of roiling darkness, holding the strands apart. It flees from the light.>

<As the light chases the dark, the threads are pulled into it, growing brighter and more magnificent. Suddenly, the dark begins to slow down. It has seen the other end of the threads, the beginning - still the united point that it could never dismember, never rip apart, and just as bright as that which chases it.>

<It rages against the threads, but to no avail. What once were weak strings, easy for it to tear or take apart, are now stronger than diamond itself. It is trapped. And though it will never quit, it will never win.>

<Its "time" is up. The lights swallow the darkness, forever extinguishing it. Time and space cease to be - all is simply perfection, without limit, without shade. It's over.>

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