Level Champion
Type That's not a Moonmon, that's a Battleship
Attribute Unknown
Family Dark Area
Next forms Novastermon

DeathStarmon is the result of a Deathmon absorbing a Starmon. Unlike Deathmon's other forms, this is a permanent form which combines the power of all the others. However, in order to handle this great power, it weaves the various attacks into one smaller but more powerful attack, "Crimson Beam". It is very well-armored, except for a port on its upper back from which it vents excess energy. While extremely powerful, it is also excruciatingly slow; sometimes newly formatted Digi-Code will restore before DeathStarmon finishes absorbing all the data. All of Deathmon's evil and hatred has coalesced into DeathStarmon, who embraces the path dictated by the Dark Area. While it seems cool and collected, it has an extreme terror of teenage boys.

Especially if they are orphans. Or at least, they think they are.


  • Crimson Beam: Collects energy from the surrounding area, especially that of attacks, and combines it into a small red sphere which it fires as a long crimson beam. This attack can destroy whole continents of the Digital World.
  • Dark Miniflourians: Stretches out its hand and shoots black lightning at the opponent.
  • Centripetal Grip: Stretches out its hand and chokes the opponent with seemingly invisible hands.