Level Mega
Type Mutant
Attribute Variable
Family Metal Empire

Hydemon is insane.

This isn't some euphemism for "cool" or "slightly off". It's not even meant to imply that he is incredibly frightening, even though he is.

He is absolutely, pants-s***ingly terrified that you are going to come in the night and steal all of his laundry detergent, just to finance your mad scheme to control the Digital World's baby-food industry.

Though he completely lacks such hoity-toity niceties as "finesse", "clarity", "self-preservation", or even "the ability to string two words together", he can certainly get the job done. Of course, if by "job", you mean "burn, pillage, and ravage the village".

They are after his spoons, you see. Those greedy buggers.

Digimon Radiant

File:Hydemon - A Heroine.jpg

Hydemon was among the Time Eaters who ravaged the Digital Worlds after the fall of the Royal Knights. He was personally responsible for utterly shattering the minds of Minervamon and Jupitermon, thus destroying their hold on their realms' order, and allowing him to eradicate the last traces of sanity within them.

Rook and Migimon finally tracked him down to Bacchusmon's realm, where he was ironically having a hard time completing his task - Bacchusmon's inherent lack of lucidity allowed the realm to just "roll with the punches", as it were. They engaged Hydemon in battle, and it was forced to use "A Heroine". However, they were able to cling to sanity by clinging to the one thing they were certain was true - that they were there for each other. Hydemon was reduced to a Digi-Core, and was quickly deleted.


Note: Hydemon is not truly limited in his attacks. Due to the special design of his body, it can reshape itself to form any kind of weapon. However, to be able to actually use these, he must be able to call out the name of the attack. And since, well, he is not that great at stringing words together, this can be a bit hard for him. Nevertheless, he's able to remember a few tried and true favorites.

  • Hang in there!: Distends his arm into a lance, with which he impales the opponent.
  • Oh really?: Sprouts spines from his arm which glow with dark energy, then sweeps his arm like a wing, sending a blade of darkness to slice up the opponent.
  • Ha-ha-ha - CATS!: Engorges his arm into a cannon, which fires fireballs in the shape of tiny, infuriated kittens at the opponent.
  • Zeni~dane: Lengthens its talons and arm, then crushes the opponent's head.
  • A Heroine: When confronted with indestructible sanity, Hydemon will release all of its madness in an explosion of roiling flame and destruction. While this will usually destroy everything in sight, it completely sacrifices his body, leaving behind a lone and incredibly vulnerable Digi-Core which will quickly evaporate if not kept in the utmost care.