Level Champion
Type Machine
Attribute Data
Family Metal Empire

Messermon[1], sometimes known as "MetalSnimon", is a mantis-like Machine Digimon whose various talons can unfold to reveal any sort of tool. It is able to mimic the weapons of other Digimon it has fought against, and if it has absorbed their data it can reproduce the weapon perfectly, as well as wield it as well as they do.


  • Elsener's Razor: Opens all of its talons and attacks in a fury of spinning blades and spears.
  • Multi Tool: Creates a half-power replication of a weapon or tool it has data on.
  • Taschenmesser Blutbad: Summons replications of every weapon it has data on, and attacks with all of them at once.

Notes and References

  1. Hint: Use a German dictionary, since the Swiss largely speak German.