Level Mega
Type God Man
Attribute Virus
Family Unknown
Nightmare Soldiers
Prior forms Mummymon + Royal Data[1]
Sharmamon + Digi-Egg of Destiny

Osirismon is a God Man Digimon whose name and design are derived from Osiris, the Egyptian King of the Dead.

Osirismon resides in a lush oasis in the Pyramid area of the Digiworld (where Etemon was defeated). As the ruler of the Nile, it is his duty to annually flood the area to keep it fertile—while this destroys all the vegetation in the area, it grows back in a matter of days, keeping it beautiful.

Though he is himself a God Digimon, Osirismon worships the higher gods, such as Ramon, Nutmon, and Gebmon. He is utterly loyal to them, and will hunt down anyone who threatens them. Osirismon spends almost all of his time praying to his gods, and as such, has sometimes arrived nearly too late to those who requested his aid.

Osirismon also reveres the dead—not Deathmon itself, but something more like Ancestor worship—he reveres those who have passed on to the afterlife, including himself.

As is natural, he will fiercely protect his charges, especially his children Horusmon and Anubimon. Nefertimon, Pharoahmon, Bastemon, and Mummymon are also in his care - no matter how long it takes, he will hunt down and destroy anything that threatens them (barring his gods' commands, of course). He has a blood-oath against his brother Sethmon, and will destroy them on sight.

As you can probably tell, Osirismon is a slave to tradition—he has a stable, but weak Overwrite. He doesn't go on quests unless his gods demand it, and even then he is somewhat reluctant. As part of his data is derived from a Royal Knight, he has some loyalty to Yggdrasill, but will disobey him if he asks for a break from tradition - the unchanging cycle of time is everything to Osirismon.


  • Nile Flood: Claps hands together, and a torrent of silty water shoots out of them at high speed. Like the real Nile, this will destroy most anything in its path that isn't totally solid, but will fertilize the ground it hits)
  • Cycle of Ages: Shoots out seven ankhs which surround the circumference of a 1-mile diameter spherical area. A rippling shell of indeterminate source surrounds the sphere, and time is brought forward or backward up to a century, for an hour. Anything affected in the area will remain that way (for example, if he rewound an area back a century, and removed a tree from that area, when the timeline snapped back that tree would have been removed in the past)
  • Book of the Sacred Cow: A giant, open stone book appears (a la "Da Rules") and Osirismon chants the name of any undead Digimon within a mile of him, summoning it to him and forcing it to act as his servant for a day. This control is total - only Osirismon's death or the rising sun can end it. This only works for Undead Digimon of a lower rank than him (ex: Pharoahmon, who is below Osirismon, but not GranDracmon)


  1. As in, the data from a royal Digimon, such as Imperialdramon or PrinceMamemon, or that of any Royal Knight