Digimon Re: Classic

Digimon Re Classic First Teaser
(Dejimon sai: Kurashikku)
Genre:Action, Sci-Fi, Romance
Manga: Digimon Re: Classic
Author:Shiramu-Kuromu AKA Chronicle-King[1]
Volumes TBA

Digimon Re: Classic is the intended "remake" of the failed comic called Digimon Classic, with the only reminder of the original being a Digimon nicknamed "Solomon" as one of the lead protagonists, but aside from that, everything is different here. The story, this time being centered in Japan like most Digimon media, involves a mobile phone app called "Digimon Online", and the taming and raising of virtual creatures called Digimon, which also serve as the player's in-game avatar in the massive sized, variable Hub World. At first, not a single Digimon was ever created with a standalone AI to allow it to function on it's own... until the first ever, fully functional, sapient AI Digimon is created, and accidentally gets let loose from it's containment where it winds up in the new ownership of a player who is just about to begin their adventure in Digimon Online...

Design Notes

Solomon of Digimon Classic will be returning in this series as a GeoGreymon but still known by his original name. It is unknown is any other characters from Classic will be returning in any form, however. The two main leads, both of them being 23 years old just like Taro, are currently still being designed and planned out. However, at the same time, fan made Digimon from older projects by Shiramu-Kuromu will be implemented into the latest story, such as Megorcamon. Also to note that, just like every other older project by Shiramu-Kuromu, a new Legendary Super Ultimate will debut in this story as an antagonist, but just like with every other character in the series minus Solomon and redesigned older Digimon, the new Super Ultimate in question is still being designed.

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