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Digimon Re: Story

Digimon Re-Story Cover
Genre:Adventure, Action, Drama, Romance, Horror
Director:Shiramu-Kuromu AKA Chronicle-King or MightyFan217 (Literature Version)
Chronicle-King (Comic Version)
Studio:Microsoft Word (Literature)
MS Paint and Gimp (Comic) (M-Rated, but still NSFW)
Archive of Our Own (Explicit-Rated, also NSFW version)
DeviantArt (Comic Version, 18+ year old account registration required to view any pages considered NSFW)

"WARNING: This specific fanfic, due to the homages to Kamen Rider Amazon, is not wise to be read by all audiences. If you are unfamiliar as to what Kamen Rider Amazon is like, I do not advise looking it up if you are uneasy at the sight of graphic violence on-screen. Digimon Re: Story is an M-Rated Story on, and an Explicit Rated story on AO3 due to the levels of violence alone as a result of the homages to Kamen Rider Amazon. Viewer discretion is advised. Any and all images that are created specifically for this story that feature this element will be censored and rendered safe for work to allow them to be uploaded, but anybody who asks for the uncensored versions of the pictures will have to go to where the comic version will be posted.."

―Content Warning regarding what the fanfic will currently turn out to be like.

Digimon Re: Story (デジモン日時:ストーリー) is an AU/Retelling of the Digimon video game Digimon Story. Chronicling the journey from Normal Tamer to Tamer King for the character known as Enju and her partner, a Koromon, the story details much of what was kept the same from Digimon Story, in addition to introducing new storylines and subplots that flesh out the secondary characters more, give the player Digimon more of an expanded role in the overall story, change the roles of existing characters while adding in new ones as well. Among other things, this fanfiction will be as the first line spoken in it will be; that every story known has been retold, just not in the same exact way.

The first few chapters and prologue are set to debut by the end of 2016 on In addition, an uncut (potentially NSFW) version will be uploaded exclusively to Archive of Our Own as well. The story, much like more recent media in the franchise, will contain darker elements every once in a while, but the overall story is more comedic and lighter in tone than one would think. However, the story will have a high rating for reasons detailed above; the amount of graphic violence in regards to the deaths of major enemy Digimon. The story also details about specific Digimon Levels not present in-game (Fresh and Ultra), and also adds new species of Digimon into the story when relevant, in addition to altering any of the existing humans as necessary to fit whatever their new role needs to be.

In addition to first being announced as a literature story, plans to turn the story into a comic also came to mind but were being postponed until a final confirmation could be made as to whether a comic version would even be made at all. Due to the heavy parallels to Kamen Rider Amazon, however, it is not recommended you keep tabs on this story if you're uneasy about graphic violence or any other form of it. While this is admittedly a more lighthearted series when compared to other recent media in the franchise, the level of violence depicted here makes Digital Monster X-Evolution look tame in comparison. In addition, aside from the gory aspects of the deaths, some of the other mature content warnings could instead be for when fan service moments occur and are flagged for sexual situations or nudity instead, with only a very small portion of these moments making an infamous episode of Digimon Frontier look tame at best.

Prominent Characters

(Note: This section is currently a Work In Progress.)


  • Enju, the lead Human protagonist. After arriving home from hanging out with her friends one fateful night, she heads to her laptop to search up what her friends had mentioned to her about the existence of "Digital Monsters". After unwittingly spying on a conversation between ClavisAngemon and several Digimon of lower evolutionary levels (Fresh, In-Training, Rookie, Champion, Ultimate, and ClavisAngemon himself at Mega), Enju finds her computer begin to function oddly and finds herself dragged into the Digital World all the while witnessing the silhouette of a somewhat large, humanoid Digimon of some form.


(Note: Digimon that appear in their evolution history that are noted by Italics are forms they did directly evolve into at one point, but is not considered to be their canonical evolutionary phase.)

  • Flare, the lead Digimon protagonist. First appearing in the story as an In-Training Level Koromon, she already seems aware of some of who Enju is due to the fact she was attending the same class as to what ClavisAngemon was teaching about different evolutionary levels towards a younger generation of Digimon. Later becoming Enju's first Digimon, she becomes loyal towards Enju due to how she learns of Enju as a human not long after they first meet. Compared to all of Enju's other Digimon that'll join her side later down the road, she is always the most loyal of the group. Her final form as a Mega Level is WarGreymon, but when her sparing partner, a MetalGarurumon, becomes strong enough and able to do so, she can Jogress Evolve alongside him into Omegamon.
  • Prophet, the most prominent Digimon aside from Flare or any other Digimon owned by Enju. First introduced in the story as a bully of a BlackAgumon, he is who is defeated to keep his distance from Enju's Digimon but is later seen again, evolved into DarkTyranomon but not long afterwards defeated and slain by an enemy Mugendramon. Later being reborn into a Zurumon, he becomes Enju's "assignment" for her duration as a Silver Tamer, but while his past tensions hold him at bay for a while, he eventually grows out of it. Rather than evolving into Cherubimon as any of his Mega Level forms, he instead evolves into ChaosDukemon for his true Mega Level Form.

Useful Notes

  • The Digimon, with a few noteworthy exceptions, use their Japanese names, as do Skills, Weaponry, and other things. Evolutionary Levels, however, use their Dub names. On another note, because I cannot find a Japanese list of the named human characters in Digimon Story, all of the human characters presented in-game will use the names they were given in the English release of the game. The exceptions, of course, being Masaru, Tohma, and Yoshino, who used their Japanese names in the English release of Digimon Story because of the fact Digimon Savers had yet to be dubbed into English by that point. Skills also use altered translations if a special character is used in a place where an ordinary word could be used in its place as to avoid difficulties with uploading chapters, as Mugendramon's Infinity Cannon.
    • If the cast of Savers appear in the story at all, by any means, then their Japanese names will be used despite the fact all of the other human characters use their names given to them in the English translation of Digimon Story.
  • Enju's dialogue, despite being based on the female player character in a game where the playable character also has active dialogue, is significantly altered in terms of her personality and how often she actually speaks as well.
  • Some Digimon not present in Digimon Story as obtainable are made available as such, and, not only that, but some Digimon are added into the game that were otherwise completely absent. Fresh and Ultra are also made as separate levels from In-Training and Mega like how both were treated in the actual game. Also worth noting is that some specific Digimon outside of Chronomon are considered Super Ultimate, such as how some games like Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth consider Omegamon to be an Ultra Level Digimon.
  • Brondramon, Cobaldramon, and Jadedramon, three of the most recurring fan made Digimon I own, will be appearing in the story... just not in the same context as they're usually presented as being (the former two being archenemies who constantly fight and Jadedramon being the peacekeeper of the three).

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