Digimon Reboot Wars is a fanfictional series of Digimon made by JBolbotowski1. The series is kinda like a fusion between the Digimon Fusion cartoon show and Digimon World Re:Digitize video game.



Screenshot Character Voice actor Digimon Voice actor
Takiru Hamashi (Ja:) Minami Takayama Shoutmon (Ja:) Chika Sakamoto
Enthusiastic and athletic, Takiru is a boastful, humble, lovable, honest and determined boy who takes leadership references from his favorite sci-fi cartoon series Space Patrol (a parody of Star Trek: The Animated Series). He is a prodigy in his own right. He can't turn his back on someone in need and deeply values his friends, believing in the good in everyone. Sometimes he is tough, bumbling, over-protective, outspoken and short-tempered. He has a crush on Shira. He wields a red and blue Digivice.
Shira Nakamato (Ja:) Sawa Ishige Lunamon (Ja:) Hiromi Konno
A sassy, tomboyish, sweet, determined, understanding and kind girl who is Takiru's girlfriend, sweetheart, and love interest, and the wielder of a pink Digivice. She is also feisty, bossy, stubborn, selfish and resourceful but has feelings. She has orange hair that appears to be tied up on a medium ponytail and curved bangs that go to the right. She also has a pink headband. Shira wears a elbow-length white shirt with a pink and white sport shirt with the number "4", white skirt, black leggings, white high socks with two red stripes on them, and white high-heeled boots. She is the damsel in distress.
Gen Kiromoto (Ja:) Masato Amada Ballistamon (Ja:) Takeshi Kusao
An overweight, practical, nice, sometimes dim-witted, good-hearted, charismatic, energetic, calm, thick-headed, and very suggestible boy is Takiru's best friend, and the wielder of a bright green Digivice. However he is also grumpy, hot-tempered, sarcastic, sometimes aggressive, suspicious and demanding. He dislikes it when Takiru and Shira are arguing each other. He is a lover of video games, comic books, skateboarding, pranks and pizza. Gen speaks in slang and has an encyclopedic knowledge of the game. His intense opinions, his appearance and his unorthodox style of battle and the way he expresses himself all lend themselves to comedy. He often tests unusual theories and strategies in battle, which, shockingly, lead to victory more often than not.