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After the Digidestined destroyed Diaboromon once again they all went back to their normal lives. The digidestined were once again called by Gennai to inform them of the great evils arising. In the first episode, Tai and Matt mistakenly use the other's digivice to cause a new evolution path for Koromon and Tsunomon. They try to go to the school where the Digiportal was but they are confronted by a man Who looked like Ken when he was the Digimon Emperor. (more will be added as the season progresses)


Tai & Egoomon

Matt & Dalumon

T.K. & Patamon

Kari & Gatomon


Ken & Wormmon

Yolee & Hawkmon

Davis & Veemon

Mimi & Palmon

Xavier & White Pupilmon & Black Pupilmon

more characters will arise...


Ep.1 "A Digital Mix-Up?!?"

Ep. 2 "A New Enemy"

Ep. 3 "The Goggles Reunited"

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