Xavier jumped away into the ruins of past buildings.

Xavier- They don’t have any idea what I’ve been through. Why I hate evil Digimon so much. And they will never know. They will never know why I’m kept to myself… Mom… Dad…

Xavier had tears drip down his face as he remembered how he became an orphan…

Xavier’s Memory

Tokyo, November 7, 1999 Myotismon has just taken the parents of Tokyo and is taking them to the warehouse for later use

Phantomon- Come on the… uh… (reads paper) Schachts…

Xavier’s parents- Ok…

Xavier- Mom.. Dad.. where are you going.

No response

Xavier- MOM! DAD!

Xavier runs to fight the Bakemon and Phantomon. but he couldn’t catch them he couldn’t get to them in time.. Xavier. Depressed as can be, goes into the hotel and sitting there is two digimon. Black Pupilmon and White Pupilmon.

Xavier- i… have… digimon?!

Black Pupilmon- Of Course you do! Us!

Xavier- Will you help me save my parents?

White Pupilmon- Naturally!

Then all three of them rushed out the door and followed the Bakemon back to the warehouse. When they got there they saw everyone’s parents lying on the ground and tons of kids crying seeing their parents like this. Xavier ran over to his lifeless parents.

Xavier- Dad.. Mom.. wake up! Wake Up!! Wake up wake up wake up!!!

Xavier went into tears. He looked over and saw other digimon Agumon, Biyomon, Gabumon, Palmon, Patamon, Gatomon, Gomamon, and Tentomon. Xavier didn’t care and went back to waking up his parents.

After VenomMyotismon was destroyed, all the parents woke up.. everyone except his. Xavier went back to Berlin, Germany, to bury his parents and go into the foster system, where the only people he had were his digimon.



Wow Xavier had a rough childhood. No wonder why he hates the Digimon Dictator. But did the Digimon Dictator actually kill his parents? Find out on the next episode of DIGIMON REVERSE!


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