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Fanmade digivolution digimon

In Digimon Revive, Digimon data are brought into the "Human World" in a form called DigiOrb. To release the data inside it, one needs to touch it. People think they are just pets, but they find out they are really Digimon.


One day, Rocky goes to a pet shop to have a pet cat. He founds out that all the cats have been sold. He goes back home to tell his mother that there are no cats in the pet shop. In the way home, a small, circle light (DigiOrb) lands in front of his eyes. He tries to touch it and his phone became a DigiVice. The data inside it was released and comes out as a cat-like Digimon called Mewmon. Rocky thinks it's just a pet when suddenly Wreckmon comes in. He tries to run but was caught. His DigiVice glows and it was spelled "Digivolve". "Digivolve?," He said. Suddenly his cat Digivolves into a tiger. It's name is Tigermon. Tigermon scratches Wreckmon a lot of times. Wreckmon was then turned into data. He now learns that Mewmon is a digimon.

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