Digimon Revolution Wars RPG is a fan forum RPG made by the Main Game Master, Babyface.

The game is not completely done, and you can only do the Tutorial Mode now. The link is: (Forum of Forumotion)

The RPG Itself

Since the game is in a forum, it is not downloadable yet. It is based on text writing and calculus. The game is free for all, there is no Premium System and the Game Masters also play it, however, they don't have any advantages related to normal players.

Game Masters

Main Game Master -> Babyface

Game Masters -> mgaruru

Game Modes

In the forum you have various game modes such as:

Tutorial Mode -> Dorumon teaches you the most important things about the Digital World. You will need to follow 20 steps and then you are free to play the whole game.

Outside Battle Mode -> In each area, there are Outside Battles. They are simply normal battles with Wild Digimons. Each Digimon can only do 5 Outside Battles per day.

Mission Mode -> At the Bulletin Board, you have many missions to do. Some are repeatable, others are temporary, and the others can only be done once. There are E-Rank (Easy), M-Rank (Medium), H-Rank (Hard), X-Rank (Very Hard) and S-Rank (Special) Missions.

Dungeon Mode -> With other Tamers or alone, you can adventure yourself in Dungeons full of Wild Digimon which the objective is too defeat a certain boss(es).

Story Mode -> You can follow many stories and do what they ask. You can follow the Revolution Saga which are the stories of the game, and the Anime Saga which follows all the battles of all Digimon animes.

PvP Mode -> You can battle against other Tamers in PvP Battles. You can win PvP Points and trade them for stuff.

Wanted Mode -> The Digital Security will ask for you to destroy certain villain Digimon. Weekly villains appear and if you defeat them you get rewarded and get access to higher Wanteds.

Challenge Mode -> At the Arena, some Challenges will appear and if you win them, you can get cool rewards.

More modes coming soon

Rest still under construction, please don't edit this article, I want to be the only one to edit it. Thanks.

Signed: GM -> Babyface Wikia Account -> DarkBabyface

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