Digimon: Rock Version is a sprite comic revolving around Andromedamon's rebellion ageist Yggdrasill's ways of running the digital world, Yggdrasill heirs underdogs from the D.I.U. (Digital investigation unit. Zheris (A human) and Oreion (A Golemon) who are the only two people in the digital world stupid enough to take on a Digimon capable of destroying a galaxy. Their objective is to save the kidnaped Royal knights, along the way they meet their boss (A Gryphonmon) who decides to join them.
They face off with Andromedamon's "Leet Four" the Digirangers, all of what are parodies of something, the Consist on Justimon, Rosemon, Volcanomon, and Myotismon.


Oreion (Ore-ryan)- A Golemon, His name is a parody of Orion, a consolation of a hunter. And is generally used for comic relief (Save the first two episodes, he plays a slightly more straight man role) Oreion is unable to Digivolve, Degenerate, or Digi-Xiros, but has the ability to Digi-Synchro. Much like Beezlemon from the third series, he can copy the powers of a fallen foe (If it makes sense)by absorbing their data. His personality is mostly quite (like a rock). But is prone to random outbursts. But if things don't look good, he gets more serious.

Zheris (Zee-er-hiss)—A human, he's good at building machines, and piloting mechas, he dose such at several points in the series. He is portrayed as an insane "idiot". But can take on several disguises. (An example would be dressing up as Simon Belmont to infiltrate Myotismon's recently acquired fortress)However its mostly for comic relief (If thats possible, the entire cast is messed up). His personality is extremely random and volatile, he seems to be completely mad.

Kimra (Ka-mur-ah)—A Gryphonmon, he is the boss of the D.I.U. and is conceived as a "Two faced, black hearted JERK." He mostly just calls both Oreion and Zheris "idiots" While he can fight, he prefers "Not to get his nails dirty" he mostly informs Oreion and Zheris what to do. But occasionally fights.


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