Digimon Scan Seperators / Digimon Capture Squad

デジモン 捕獲の分隊
(Digimon Capture Squad)
Genre:Action, Adventure, Shonen, Science Fiction
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Any Resemblence to real people is fully recognized, as the characters are based on friends of the author. Digimon Scan Seperators is a fan Animé series where the real world is set in England. It focuses around 4 humans who get transported to the Digital World and happens around the same time as Digimon Frontier, they occasionally meet the characters from it, too. It carries elements from Digimon Adventure 02, as they can travel between the Digital World and Real word via a computer. Instead of having spirits to Digivolve with, they have partner Digimon AND Spirits. This page was created by Digital Tamer 17:43, 25 June 2009 (UTC)

Main Plot

A mass evil has fallen on the Digital World, and 4 teenage kids are called from England in the real word to destroy it, although they are not trapped in the Digital World. They must team up with other children to defeat this dark force.


Luke & Thurkmon
The leader and oldest of the group. His partner Digimon is Thurkmon. Luke isn't the most popular Kid at school and is often taunted for having interest in the Digimon Card Game. His best friend lives in Wales Though most of the people at his school are his friends, the majority of them aren't too great friends, he also has a crush on a girl who later gets transported to the Digital World. His Digiwatch is a Goldish Yellow. Luke is 15 years old. His Spirit Digivolutions are Reigimon and HeavyWeapReigimon.

Thurkmon is a tough Digimon but hasent got to show it's power, like it's two friends Drillmon and Snowmon. He adventures with Luke to show his power to the Digital World.

Jacob & Drillmon
Jacob -the youngest of the group- had just recently recovered from a broken arm before he was called to the Digital World and was getting used to playing the Digital Card Game again. He attends the same school as Luke and the two get along, if not arguing. He and Luke are both great card Tamers. His Digiwatch is Red. Jacob is 13 years old. His Spirit Digivolution is Boneponmon.

Drillmon is a small and nervous Digimon who is mistreated for his size. He adventures with Jacob to strengthen his Courage.

Sam & Snowmon
Although Sam attends a different school to Luke and Jacob, the three went to the same primary school and meet often. He is very intelligent and often is there to back his friends up and keep them in the game. His Digiwatch is Blue. Sam is 15 years old, but younger than Luke. His Spirit Digivolution is Historymon

Snowmon is intelligent like Sam but is made fun of for it. He travels with Sam to show his intelligence is useful.

Diala & Labramon
Luke has a crush on Diala and near the end of the series, she was sent to the Digital World to help Luke, Sam and Jacob defeat the Dark Forces. Her DigiWatch is pink with cream markings. She is 13 years old but older than Jacob. Her Spirit Digivolution is QueenAngewomon.

Labramon is a Digimon who betrayed the Dark Forces and became good, she travels with Diala to help get her revenge on the Dark Forces.

Dark Forces

The Dark Forces are a group of Virus Digimon who are trying to destroy the Digital World. The Digimon in the team are:

Evil Knights (in order they appear in)

Underworld Kings (in order they appear in)


Scan Seperation

Scan Seperation is used to convert a Digimon to Scan Data for Future use. Only Digidestind with a Digiwatch can use it.

Final Seperation

Final Seperation is a much more powerful version of Scan Seperation which completely erases the Digimon from existence, also leaving it's user at risk of being killed as well. I was only used once, where Luke used it to destroy SataDevimon. Luke was killed also, but Sam, Jacob, Diala and their Digimon's hearts brought him back to life.


In the end the Digidestined have jobs and Diala has moved.


Luke is now the Head of ICT at the School he and Jacob used to attend.


Jacob runs a Bravery Camp, for people to stenghen themselves and be more brave. He also has a medical degree so he can fix and cast broken bones.


Sam is an author who writes about his Digital World experiences.


Diala has moved to France to become an Actress.


Main Article: Digimon Scan Seperators (Manga) A manga is in the writing by Digital Tamer. It's very different to the Animé in quite a few ways. Only Luke, Jacob and Sam will be main characters and have different Partner Digimon. Luke will have Lopmon, Sam will have Buremon and Jacob will have a new Digimon; Falcodramon.


Digimon Scan Seperators has had 2 sequels:

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