Digimon Sentai Digi-Rangers is a series created by Supereditor100. This series has elements from Power Rangers.


One day, scientists opened a gate to another universe called "the Digital World" and out of that gate came creatures known as digimon. The humans and digimon made peace with each other, but things get worst when evil digimons invades and tries to destroy both the Real World and the Digital World. An organization was formed to combat evil digimon, they are "the Digi-Rangers".


Main Characters/Digi-Rangers

Yukimura Okita/Digi-Red
He is the leader of the Digital Rangers. His digimon partner is Agumon.

Masamune Hijikata/Digi-Blue
The 2nd-in-command of the Digital Rangers, he's the most serious so far of the group, and quite cold to people. His digimon partner is Gabumon.

Shinpachi Hideaki/Digi-Green
The "brains" of the Digital Rangers, he comes as the strategist and tech-guy. His digimon partner is KoKabuterimon.

Kimiko Senkotate/Digi-Yellow
She is like the "big sister" of the group and very serious. Her digimon partner is Renamon.

Sakura Momoichi/Digi-Pink
She is Yukimura's closest friend; at the first half of the series, she is rather ditzy and bubbly, which doesn't make her serious enought to do the job. But at the second half of the series, she is super serious when it comes to the job, and became the big sister figure to Saki Konohana after Kimiko left. Her digimon partner is Biyomon.

Hikaru Kirin/Digi-Gold
A transferred from the American branch of the Digi-Rangers who was assigned to the Digi-Rangers, he is the mentor to the Digi-Rangers. His digimon partners are Angemon and Coronamon

Rin Ginrei/Digi-Silver
A friend of Hikaru who was transferred from the Digital World branch of the Digi-Rangers. She's rather serious and is the best Digi-Ranger there is. Her digimon partners are Gatomon and Lunamon.

Digi-Rangers introduced during second half

Sasuke Sarutobi/Digi-Black
A transferred Digi-Ranger from the Kyoto base, he's extremely cold to people when compare to Masamune, he has history with Yukimura from the academy, he became 2nd-in-command after Masamune left. His digimon partner is Falcomon.

Saki Konohana/Digi-White
One of the newest members of the Digi-Rangers, her personality is cheerful and irresponsible, like how Sakura used to be during the first half. Her digimon partner is Terriermon.


Imperialdramon Fighter Mode
The commander of the Japanese Branch of the "Digi-Rangers".

Souji Okita
Yukimura's father and head of the science division, he created the Digi-suits and the weapons with it.

Shingen Okita/Digi-Fire
Yukimura's brother, who's an elite Digi-Ranger, and the head of his elite response team, the Digimongumi, a special police force, which is stationed in Digimon City in the Digital World. His digimon partners are Agumon and Guilmon.

Kenshin Hijikata/Digi-Ice
Masamune's brother, once a prime Digi-Ranger in his days, now a crippled boy in a wheelchair. He's currently the CEO of Hijikata Industries, where his retired digimon partners Gabumon and Gaomon helps him to run it.