Digimon Spectral Rangers is a fanfictional Digimon series. This fiction is a combination of Digimon Adventure, Digimon Tamers, Digimon Frontier, Digimon Data Squad, Digimon Xros Wars, and the video games: Digimon Story Lost Evolution, and Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars Red and Blue.



Spectral Rangers and The Evil Titans and the Seven Worlds

Spectral Rangers

Character Digimon
Don Rockhood Speeddramon
A brave, impulsive, optimistic, humble, 15-year-old boy of Polish and American descent who was chosen by Omnimon to lead his friends through time of the Digital World. He has a crush on Lia.
Lia Kikasuki Aphroditemon
A beautiful, kind, gentle, cheerful, spoiled, rich, 14-year old girl of Hungarian and African-American descent who is the daughter of an extremely wealthy mayor. She has a crush on Don.
Augustus "Gus" Swanton Wreckermon
A fat, good-natured, charismatic, eccentric, 15-year-old boy of Swiss and Brazilian descent who is Don's best friend.
Antoine "Tony" D'Coultrine Hyokomon
An intelligent, snooty, rude, and clumsy 13-year old boy of French descent. He often has trouble speaking English. He also has a crush on Lia. His rivals were Don and Gus who would make fun of Antoine for his shortcomings.
Jackson "Jack" Shelbourne GrandGreymon
A cold, quiet, reserved, 16-year-old boy of Canadian and English descent. He sees Don as an important tool for his team but acts as a rival.
Raphael "Raph" Mononarto Ryudamon
Jack's twin brother, separated after their parents' divorce.

Phantom Poachers

Other characters

  • Tom Rockhood: Don's father, a former high school baseball star, and a construction worker, who has a hard time coming to terms with what it means being a good parent. Though he loves his son, most of the time he tries to apologize for his son's behavior and encourages him to keep a low profile.
  • Emily Rockhood: Don's mother and Tom's wife who always believed in her son.
  • Mayor Kikasuki: Lia's father, a good-hearted, kind, wealthy mayor of Suginami.
  • Barry Rathfield: The gluttonous, jerk, arrogant, cruel, and tough boy of German and Welsh descent with short, yellow hair. He is a constant bully to every child in the neighborhood, including Don, Gus, and Tony. He is very handsome and greedy and he is also well respected in the high school. When it comes to girls, he proves to be extremely vain and rude, demonstrated by when he repeatedly attempts to spend time with Lia Kikasuki, only for them to end in disaster due to his sexist and chauvinistic behavior.

Other Digimon

The Young Heroes Who Leapt Through Time

Spectral Rangers (baseball team)

Screenshot Character Voice actor Digimon Voice actor
Taikeru Dinamonto Pinedramon
Energetic and reckless, Taikeru is a boastful boy who always does things without thinking. Wielding the brick red X Loader, he is a member of the new Spectral Rangers. His goal is to be better than Don, yet despite his rash behavior, he is willing to risk anything to protect his friends. Being straight forward and a bit of an airhead, he easily becomes obsessed during a Hunt. He is in the same grade as Gus.
Don Rockhood Speeddramon
Augustus "Gus" Swanton Wreckermon
Allied Heroes
  • Penny Nekimoto: A beautiful, sassy, blonde, 12-year old girl, from Australia. She is classmate of Taikeru who loves adventures and fun. She has a crush on Taikeru. Her Digimon Partner is Oncamon.
  • Ned Makimoshi: An intelligent and tough 13-year old boy of Bengali and Native American descent. His Digimon Partner is Panbachimon.
  • Carl Mockwood: A 13-year old boy from Texas. He loves dinosaurs and prehistoric mammals. His Digimon Partner is Protoceramon.

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