Digimon Star Warriors

デジモン スター 戦士
(Digimon Spectral Squad)
Genre:Action, Adventure, Shonen, Science Fiction, Comedy-drama
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Digimon Star Warriors is a fan anime series where the Real World is set in Japan. It focuses around 5 humans who get transported to the Digital World and happens around the same time as Digimon Frontier, they occasionally meet the characters from it, too. It carries elements from Digimon Fusion, as they heard a mysterious melody and followed it to an alley where a mysterious, legendary Digivices called the Star Digivices. Instead of having spirits to Digivolve with, they have partner Digimon AND Spirits. Sometimes it carries elements from Mega Man Star Force (anime), as they can fuse with a Digimon.

Main Plot

Few centuries later, a strange extraterrestrials called, a Neutroms, who decided to disguise themselves as humans and wait until humans developed the technology needed to go back home. To hide, they developed human-shaped exosuits and revealed themselves to a select few humans who they named their guardians. At the present, the Neutroms operate through Cyber Incorporated. The company's official business is never revealed, but it serves as a place to hide their advanced technology, such as the Digital Central Station, the Transportal, the Star Digivices and the Soul Pod. Cyber Incorporated is also responsible that Neutroms created an another world, called the Digital World, and a digital creatures called the Digimon.

A mass evil has fallen on the Digital World, and 5 teenage kids are called in the Real World to destroy it, although they are not trapped in the Digital World. They must team up with other children to defeat this dark force.


Shawn Kushio & Fighterdramon
The leader and oldest of the group. His partner Digimon is Fighterdramon. A gentle but a bit lonely fifth-grade student, Shawn mourns the disappearance of his father that occurred three years prior, and has neglected school as a result. Sometimes he is so sensitive, serious and hot-tempered. He is often taunted for having interest in the Digimon Card Game. His best friend lives in his hometown. Though most of the people at his school are his friends, the majority of them aren't too great friends, he also has a crush on a girl who later gets transported to the Digital World. His Star Digivice is red with blue markings. Shawn is 15 years old. His Fusion Spirit Digivolutions are FighterGreymon and TechnoGreymon.

Fighterdramon is a ferocious dragon Digimon with extremely high aggressiveness due to hot-blooded enthusiasm, yet friendly towards his comrades. He enjoys singing and wields a guitar for leisure and to help in combat, his chances of winning depending on the amount of passion he has. He is a hardworking and friendly Digimon, but he is not as trusting as Shawn, and is often in disbelief when Shawn chooses to reach out a hand to those who were Star Warriors' enemies just a moment ago. He is also not very bright, and can sometimes get himself in trouble by reading the situation wrong. He is also somewhat of a lady's man, flirting with a girl's favorite Digimon.

Russell Ushiyama & MotorBeetlemon
He is a fat, and sometimes dim-witted but lovable and calm teenager. He concerns himself with comics and horror movies, and sees the world in terms of good or bad, with no gray areas in between. Russell speaks in slang and has an encyclopedic knowledge of the game. His intense opinions, his appearance and his unorthodox style of battle and the way he expresses himself all lend themselves to comedy. He was getting used to playing the Digital Card Game again. His Star Digivice is bright green with dark blue markings. Russell is 15 years old. His Fusion Spirit Digivolutions are NanoKabuterimon and RizeKabuterimon.

MotorBeetlemon is Fighterdramon's best friend; a noble, taciturn warrior who resembles a robotic rhinoceros beetle.

Flint Korikusuki & Yukikakumon
Although Flint attends a different school to Shawn and Russell, the three went to the same primary school and meet often. He is very intelligent and often is there to back his friends up and keep them in the game. His Star Digivice is cyan with cream markings. Flint is 14 years old. His Fusion Spirit Digivolution is JagerZudomon.

Yukikakumon is a beast Digimon who is intelligent like Flint but is made fun of for it. He travels with Flint to show his intelligence is useful.

Kento Hanouma & SpectralLobomon
Quiet, cold and reserved, the "lone wolf". Kento is 16 years old. His Fusion Spirit Digivolution is CyberGarurumon.

SpectralLobomon is a very calm and quiet; his only dialogue consisted of answering "Sir yes sir!" to Kento's orders.

Leila Wasagi & MaidLunamon
Shawn has a crush on Leila and near the end of the series, she was sent to the Digital World to help Shawn, Russell, Flint, and Kento defeat the Dark Empire. Sometimes she is so bossy, ignorant, and feisty but have feelings. Her Star Digivice is white with pink markings. At the end of the series, she kissed Shawn and confessed her love for him. She is 14 years old. Her Spirit Digivolution is QueenDianamon.

MaidLunamon is a beautiful and cute Digimon who falls in love with Fighterdramon. At the end of the series, she shares a kiss with Fighterdramon.



  • Digi-Buggies: Dune buggy-like vehicles used by the heroes as a form of personal transportation or mobile weaponry. They possess an area to store Star Digivices and use the same functions as it. Should the need arise a canopy can cover the buggy in case of weather or obstacles. Side bikes can be attached to the Digi-Buggy for passengers or partner Digimon. Each Digi-Buggy has a unique weaponry and equipment and go at fast speeds up to 12 lines per second (300km/h). This also makes it easier to cross into the other areas of the Digital World.
    • Dino Ride: Shawn's Digi-Buggy that has a red coloring and is capable of speed bursts. It has a face-plates designed after a dinosaur with cube.
  • Techno-Dome: A dome-shaped, tank-like mobile fortress of Dark Army.

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