Digimon Story: Kokugen Clans: Dusk, Dawn and Noon are a trio of games set after Digimon World Dawn and Dusk. The story takes place 5 years after the events of the games as the player is either in Light Fang (Dawn), Night Crow (Dusk) or Clear Break (Noon). The game also introduces new styles of gameplay to the Handheld Digimon World Series with optional computer controlled partners.

Version Differences

Like it's prequels, Kokugen Clans has more than one edition each with it's own unique storyline that all merge together. Major differences include; plot, encounterable Digimon and styles.

Gameplay Changes

A major introduction to the game includes Computer Controlled Partners. At the begining of the game, the player will choose their gender and when gameplay starts, will be introduced to the player's; Sister (if player is Male) or Brother (if the player is Female) and best friend (Same gender as player.) Depending on the Parnter Digimon Selected, these characters will have their own Digimon too which the player can select to be computer controlled or controlled by the player themselves. Digimon can be Digivolved, Scanned and Moved just like the previous games.

CPU Partners

The computer controlled partners (Your Sibling and Friend) are in different Clans to you in gameplay but this depends on the game. In Dawn the Player's Sibling is in Night Crow, the Player is in Light Fang and the Player's friend is in Clear Break. In Dusk the Player's Sibling is in Clear Break, the Player is in Night Crow and the Player's friend is in Light Fang and in Noon the Player's Sibling is in Light Fang, the Player is in Clear Break and the Player's friend is in Night Crow

Partner Digimon

The game starts with the player selecting their gender and Digimon. The player selects one Digimon out of three, each version with it's own unique set of three. The player's Sibling and Friend will also get a Digimon specially paired with the Digimon selected so it's basically like the packs in previous Digimon World Games.

Dusk Partner Digimon

Dawn Partner Digimon

Noon Partner Digimon

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