Name:Ben Skinner. Appearance:10 year old child who has light brown hair,aqua colored eyes,a dark green fishing hat,a red backpack and a black shirt and pants the same color as his hair as well as brown shoes. Partners:Gaomon and Bearmon. DigiDestined Relatives:Glenn Fulmer,Andrew Galloway,Mathew Galloway,Brandon Robinson,Katy Robinson,Caroline Terry.

Name:Glenn Fulmer. Appearance:Looks Just like is Brother Ben but with Grenn backpack,Red shoes, and Darker colored Hair. Partners:Wormon. DigiDestined Relatives:Ben Skinner,Andrew and Mathew Galloway,Brandon and Katy Robinson,Caroline Terry.

Name:Andrew Galloway. Partners:Otamamon. Appearance:7 year old kid,younger cousin of Glenn and looks just like glenn only shorter and with green eyes instead of aqua. DigiDestined Relatives:Glenn Fulmer,Ben Skinner,Mathew Galloway.

Mathew Galloway. Appearance:Just like Andrew only with black hair and he's 5 years older. Partners:Makuramon. DigiDestined Relatives:Andrew Gallway,Glenn Fulmer,Ben Skinner.

Brandon Robinson. Appearance:Just Like andrew only 1 month older and has Blond colored hair. Partners:Meginamon. DigiDestined Relatives:Katy Robinson,Ben Skinner,Glenn Fulmer.

Katy Robinson. Appearance: Dark Brown hair,Ponytails,always wearing that purple shirt with a pink heart on it. Partners:Togemon. DigiDestined Relatives:Brandon Robinson,Glenn Fulmer,Ben Skinner.

Caroline Terry. Appearance:13 year old girl with hair the color of wet cardboard and older sister of Ben and Glenn. Notes:Doesnt get a Digimon partner till she finds Wormon outside in the house's Garden with a friend of his. Partners:Rosemon. Digidestined Relatives:Ben Skinner,Glenn Fulmer.

Stephen Kenny. Appearance:Black hair,Red shirt,always wearing sunglasses and carrying orange backpack. Partners:Impmon and Lopmon. Digidestined Relatives:Jhonny Kenny.

Jhonny Kenny. Appearance:black hair,Ninja Bandana,always wearing a black suit and blue pants. Partners:Demiveemon.

Christopher Kenya. Appearance:black hair,sunglasses,red uniform. partner:terriermon.

Notes of this page:These are the main characters from Digimon Tales.

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