This story takes place after 4 years of Digimon Tamers. The Tamers now got their Digimons back, since Takato found an opened portal a month after the D-Reaper incident. Even Jeri got back Leomon, after he was reborn in the Village of Beginnings. the Tamers were adjusting to their normal lives, studying, having fun with friends and dating. That was until, when a Devimon appears in front of them, trying to get Henry and Suzie. Later, the Tamers find out that Henry and Suzie each holds a special power, Light and Hope. The rest of the Tamers, together with Henry and Suzie's brother and sister, Rinchei and Jaarin, must protect them no matter what.


Henry Wong and Terriermon

Suzie Wong and Lopmon

Takato Matsuki and Guilmon

Rika Nonaka and Renamon

Ryo Akiyama and Monodramon

Jeri Katou and Leomon

Kazu Shioda and Guardromon

Kenta Kitagawa and MarineAngemon

Rinchei Wong

Jaarin Wong


Chapter 1: All of a Sudden

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