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Art by *Xuza[1] on DeviantART

+Main Characters+

+Marie Baldwin - Marie received a Digivice that allowed her to create a Digimon of her choice as long as she befriended it in the game. Renamon was always her favorite to play with in the game she has so she tried to chose a Renamon Digiegg. Unfortunately the egg was attacked by a virus and, like Willis' egg, it became infected so instead of Renamon, Marie got Vixenmon. Marie is quick tempered and fun when she's with friends. Vixenmon says the only reason she stays with her is to "gain enough power to Digivolve."

+[Chris Baldwin] - Marie's younger brother. Digimon Partner is Lopmon.

+[Carrol] - Marie's best-friend. Digimon Partner is XXX(coming soon)

+[Paige] - Carrol's younger sister. Digimon Partner is Terriermon.

+Vixenmon - Vixenmon (being infected with a virus) temperament is cold and she enjoys the misery of others. The only reason she "puts up with Marie" is so she can get stronger and Digivolve, although as time goes on Vixenmon becomes more gentle and nice the more time she spends with Marie and begins to care deeply for her tamer. Vixenmon eventually gets to the point where she's willing to risk her life to protect Marie, however she still does not play well with other Digimon. Vixenmon has no idea that all the data and strength she gets is actually being fed to the virus that she, Marie, and the other DigiDestined are trying to stop. The only Digimon Vixenmon will admit she likes is Marie's younger brother's partner. Lopmon.

+Lopmon - Tamer is [Chris].

+Terriermon - Tamer is [Paige].

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Level Rookie
Type (Ja:) Beast Man Digimon
(En:) Animal
Attribute Virus
Family Dark Area
Nightmare Soldiers
Nature Spirits
Prior forms Kitmon
Next forms Youkomon
Partners Marie Baldwin

Art by *Xuza[2] on DeviantART
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Level In-Training
Type Lesser
Attribute Virus
Prior forms Bolimon
Next forms Vixenmon
Partners Marie Baldwin

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