"Aiden, Kaya, Jaden and Kira Wong!!!" Rika Wong shouted towards the door of her childrens' rooms. Her husband, Henry Wong, who was standing right beside her, was already closing his ears with his hands. "Come oiut right now!!!"

"Do we have to come?" moaned Aiden Wong, the eldest, as he came out of his room. "We have nothing to do there, Mum!"

"Aiden's right," said Kaya Wong, the second child born to the Wong Family. "We don't do anything there except for following where you go and talk with the other kids."

"It's so boring." Jaden Wong, the third, mumbled to himself.

"I want to play Princess Pwetty Dolls." Kira Wong said to her parents as she held her dolls tightly.

"You can play them when you get there, too, Kira." said her father.

"That's right. And three of you, stop all your mumbling of 'I-don't-wanna-go' and come out! We're going to be late!" Rika said to her children.

As Henry and Rika went through the door of the house, the three children- Aiden, Kaya and Jaden- pouted.

"Who created this 'Once-in-a-Month-Friend-Gathering' thing?" Rika asked her husband, who was driving next to her.

"Ryo." Her husband answered her.

"I'm going to kill that Rooster Head," said Rika.

"Oh, come on," said Henry. "He didn't mean any harm."

"Yeah, but he's making us trublesome!" Rika shouted.

"Oh, stop it. We're here already, anyway," said Henry as he got off the car, and Rika followed him. The four children at the back of the seat got off the car with their parents, too.

"Hey, you two!" Kazu shoted. "You're late."

"Sorry," said Henry. "These four kids were trying their 'I-dont-wanna-go plan' again."

At Henry's words, the Tamers looked at the four Wong Children.

"Hello, kids. Long time no see," said Takato with a grin.

"Hello, Mr Matsuki," said the four children.

"Wow," started Kenta. "Kira had grown so much!"

"Yeah, and it's only been a month since we saw her." Ryo said.

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