Digimon Tamers II

This is about 3 new tamers who are given the destiny to protect both the real worl and the digital world from the D-Reaper Chaos. It has digimon and digimon characters from the digimon series so these are not mine. The new breed of tamers however are my creation.

This is a sequel to the season 3 Digimon Tamers after they flush the D-Reaper into a harmless computer program.


When the original tamers stopped the chaos and bound the D-Reaper into a harmless network they sent it back to the digital world but did not delete it. During the time in the D-World the D-Reaper/Chaos developed an AI within itself and started to evolve. It grew some much that it created a virus from itself which could infect Digimon and turn them evil. The chaos also created Digimon of their own. These are much like Chaos Clones to other digimon (e.g. Gallantmon's chaos clone would be ChaosGallantmon). The story is first set in a town called Matakuchi where three older kids became digimon tamers. Their job was to find the original tamers and have them transported to the D-World to stop the Chaos from growing.

Characters- New Breed of Tamers'

Aaren Kyoshi

The main character in the series. He is a out-looking and ambitious 16 year old. Soemtimes he is self-centered and hot-headed He first becomes a partner to Koromon when he finds him down in an alleyway crying. Koromon mistakes Aaren to be his mother and grows fond of him quickly. When Aaren refused to be Koromon's tamer he left him on his own only to be attacked by a swarm of Numemon. Aaren eventually came to his senses and protected little Koromon. Koromon sensed this feeling and digivolved into Agumon whom then defeated the Numemon. Aarens Digivice is Orange.

Garet Takuma

A more calm and composed 16 year old. Garet Takuma prefers steady debate rather than fighting but never hesitates to put up a good one. His digimon partner is Gaomon. Garet gained Gaomon as a partner when he was accidently sucked into the Digital world from his computer. Here he met Wanyamon who wanted a tamer to perfect his power. Garet refused and tried to go back to the digital world. He failed and so seeked help from Wanyamon to get back to the Real World. On their search they were attacked by a Kuwagamon. Wanyamon through anger and the will to protect Garet Digivolved to Gaomon. Gaomon defeated Kuwagamon. Garet then proudly accepted Gaomon as his partner. Garet's Digivice is Blue.

'Marai Sakuri

A 16-year-old girl with dreams of being in the fashion business. Her partner is Lalamon, but how she became her partner is unknown. Marai's Digivice is Light Green.


Chapter 1

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