Minutes ticked as the Juggernaut program was about to launch and send the Mother D-Reaper to Oblivion. The Chosen Tamers fight bravely to wear down the monstrous sight of cables and wiring that is the source of the horror within. The Mother D-Reaper endures many vicious onslaughts from both Sakuyamon and MegaGargomon.

A crimson painted knight in shining armour with a jousting arm and shield in other rose riding is mechanical stallion. It charged up it's shield which became blanket white. An echoed voice erupted in the hellish bubble surrounding Shinjuku park.

"SHIELD OF THE JUST!!" It cried.

The knight fired a powerful beam at the D-Reaper. It weakened the D-Reaper giving the Juggernaut time to devour and shrink it into a harmless mass of data.

The horror was over as the children prevailed over the chaos. They went back to a happy life with their hearts held high remembering the day they saved the world.

But was it really over...?

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