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A rewrite to Digimon Tamers.



Fresh In-Training Rookie Champion Ultimate
Guilmon t Growlmon t WarGrowlmon t
Renamon t Kyubimon t Taomon t
Terriermon t Gargomon t Rapidmon t
Patamon t Angemon t Seraphimon t


Wild Ones
Myotismon t Wendigomon t

Minor Wild Ones
Devidramon t 1 Vilemon t 2
Cherubimon and the Devas
Makuramon t Vikaralamon t Vajramon b Kumbhiramon t Majiramon t
Caturamon t Cherubimon (Evil) t Antylamon (Data) t
Sinduramon t Pajiramon t Indramon b Sandiramon t Mihiramon t
Ophanimon and Seraphimon's Army
Mistymon b Ophanimon t Asuramon b

Royal Knights
100px 150px Craniamon b
Omnimon t
[[File:|100px]] [[File:|100px]] [[File:|100px]]
Royal Knights
Alphamon b Magnamon t Kentaurosmon b UlforceVeedramon b
Leopardmon b Examon b


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