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Gallantmon Crimson: I know that you stand for evil and tyranny. You want to destroy the Digital World!

Lucemon: I only wish to bring order to this world of chaos. But that will never happen with the Digital World in it's present state. To begin anew, I must destroy it utterly.

Gallantmon Crimson: I won't let that happen.

Lucemon: You shall regret that choice. PARADISE LOST COMBO!

[He attacks Gallantmon with his fists. The dust clears to reveal Gallantmon still standing.]

Gang: All right!

[Gallantmon moves to attack, but Lucemon is quicker and imprisons Susanoomon in light.]

Lucemon: Long I have been in the darkness! The hate! The bitterness! I've taken all of it and added it to my powers. I'm beyond the Lucemon I was before. While I must really congratulate you, a being like you has no right to exist in MY world.

[He added darkness to the light.]

[The prison they're in explodes.]

Everyone: Takato! Guilmon!

Lucemon: Behold the punishment for those who defy me. Hm?

[He looks up where Takato and Guilmon are.]

Lucemon: They're alive?! But this is no possible! No one can survive my ultimate sacrifice attack! This simply cannot be!

Jenrya: I see, they separated, taking the attack with them to negate it.

Lucemon: It can't be! It's against the laws of nature!

[Gallentmon Crimson is reformed]

Gallantmon Crimson: Now its your turn to know fear!

[He attacks the dark area they are in, cutting it in half, and weakening Lucemon.]

Lucemon: No. No! Nooo! Aah! No! Those pesky children won't give up. I was so close to my goal.

[Lucemon enters the Dark Aura. Soon, a giant dragon like being emerges. The beast screams an inhuman roar.]

MegaGargomon: Well I’m speechless.

Ruki: I am...not scared...

[Lucemon roars again and Ruki covers her ears.]

Ruki (inside Sakuyamon): I am not scared!

MegaGargomon: Neither am I! Well maybe a little.

Gallantmon: Yeah it’s big and scary, so what? I don’t care.

Takato: Me neither, let’s go Guilmon!

[He puts his sword in front of him and flies up.]

Jenrya: No wait! What are you doing!?

Gallantmon: Shield of the Just!

[He shoots it right in Lucemon and it does nothing.]

Gallantmon: Aw nuts!

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