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[The dragon breaks through the surface and starts to rise up, causing panic in the streets. Gallantmon grabs the dragon's tail. He pulls him underground and back into the Digital World where he's forced to let go.]

TAKUYA: He can still attack the Real World.

TOMMY: But how can we stop him?

J.P.: What did Cherubimon say about his greatest weakness?

ZOE: He has no consciousness.

TOMMY: But we heard him speak before.

KOJI: There's more to him than meets the eye.

SUSANOOMON: That's it!

[He flies around the dragon and up to the egg in its claws. Inside, they see a bug.]

SUSANOOMON: Is that his true form?

[Lucemon blasts them away.]


BOKOMON: We can't win.

DRAGON: Graahh!

LUCEMON: You can't stand in the way of my utopia. Prepare for paradise.

SUSANOOMON: No! You can't win!

LUCEMON: *attacks*

[The rest of the Digital World turns to code.]

BOKOMON: He's consuming the rest of the world. I can't believe it. I see it, but I can't believe it. There's barely anything left.

NEEMON: And now that's gone.

ZOE: What are we going to do?

TOMMY: We've got to come up with something quick or we'll be destroyed too.

J.P.: But what can we do against that attack?

TAKUYA: Wait, I know.


TAKUYA: You have to trust me, guys. We're going inside.

[After some difficulty, they enter the egg.]

SUSANOOMON: We made it.

LUCEMON: You're too late. Nothing can stop me utopia now.

SUSANOOMON: You're nothing but a tyrant who's too weak to accept that he might be wrong. We will stop you.

LUCEMON: Powerful words. Let's see if you have the power to back them up.

SUSANOOMON: Time to do it.

TAKUYA: Stand tough guys.

OTHERS: Right.

SUSANOOMON: He's not as strong as he thinks he is.

[They attack Lucemon and eventually get the upper hand.]

LUCEMON: No, impossible!

SUSANOOMON: Impossible is our specialty.


[Lucemon tries to attack them again.]

SUSANOOMON: You'll need more than that. Yah!



LUCEMON: I cannot be defeated by humans!

SUSANOOMON: Guess again.

[They finally manage to defeat Lucemon. The egg shatters.]

NEEMON: It's working. Did we win?

BOKOMON: It's not over yet.

NEEMON: Now way, it's never over!

DRAGON: Graahh!!

He's going crazy.
No one's controlling him.

Gallantmon: It's time to end this for good. Ahhh!

Gallantmon: And so it ends....You who would destroy both worlds with your evil, perish!

DRAGON: Graahh!!

[The dragon disintegrates. The data flies out and covers the Digital World.]

[Lucemon heads right for Gallantmon's back.]

Lucemon: If I'm defeated, I'll take you with me!

Gallantmon: So be it. As long as you're defeated!


Lucemon: No! It's impossible!

[Gallantmon and Lucemon dissolve into nothingness.]

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