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Digimon Tamers X Antibody is a fan made second series of Digimon Tamers. After the defeat of the D-Reaper, 20 years pass and digimon and humans are almost all friends, but some humans and digimon begin to disturb the peace. A man named Scythe has made an organization named R.E.A.P.E.R. to take over the human and digital worlds. He has tamed MetalPhantomon and plans to bring Dexmon. Lucemon, and all of the demon lords back to destroy all of the digimon. R.E.A.P.E.R. has falsely created digimon for their agents to use. The newest tamers have each found their digimon and plan to stop Scythe and his plans. Cory, a 13 year-old boy has found a virus on his computer that turns out to be Keramon, a strange digimon that was made to destroy any chance of anybody stopping Scythe's plans. Cory has a gift to do almost anything with computers, and tames Keramon on accedent before he could come into the real world. Maria is a 14 year-old girl that was born in the digital world, her partner Gatomon promised to watch her as she grew up. Her brother Cody is an 11 year-old boy that met his partner Terriermon in a digimon card shop and thought he was a life sized plush. Muntu is a 13 year-old boy and best friends with Cory, his digimon Dorumon's egg came from his computer as he was hoping for a digimon. His sister Sarah is a 10 year-old girl that met her partner Lopmon when Muntu defeated Wendigomon in a freak storm. Serina is a 13 year-old girl that was Muntu's childhood friend he saved from bullies with digimon, her partner is Elecmon that appeared and she thought he was a dog until he saved her from an Ogremon. Impmon has no Tamer but any tamer can help him digivolve because he loaded the data of a dying Calumon that was his friend. The tamers and their partners have devoted their lives to protecting the two worlds that they all live in.

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