Digimon The future It is the same like Digimon Data squad.Digimon Data squad have a name DATS(Digital Accident Tactics Squad)but the team name is Digital World Police.

Main Characters: Yumi Akiyama: Partners:Biyomon&Guilmon Trait:The courage of love Age:16 Digivice:Blue/crimson Yumi Is The Same Like Sora Takenouchi A tomboy and motherly.She is the main character.She is Jun and terry best friend.

jun Li: Partners:Tentomon& Gomamon Trait:The Knowledge of honesty Age:16 digivice:White/red Jun Is not so genius but he is a fun and loving person.

Terry Matsuki: Partners:Salamon&patamon trait:The Light of hope Age:12 digivice:White/orange Terry is the younger one on the team.He is just like Kari Kamiya And T.K. Takaishi.

miami Ichihara: Partners:Falcomon&Ninjamon Trait:The Fait of miracle Age:12 Digivice:purple/red She is the same as Ikuto Noguchi.She is A younger it is the same as terry.

Secondary Characters: YulieAkiyama: Partner:Terriermon Trait:??? Age:18 Digivice:Cream/Green Yulie is Yumi's older sister.she is just like Mimi Tachikawa a sweet one on their family.

Yuri Akiyama: Partner:Lopmon Trait:??? Age:17 Digivice:chocolate/pink Yuri is yumi's another older sister.she is the same as yumi

shouji Akiyama: Partner:Betamon Trait:??? Age:19 Digivice:green/red Shouji is yumi's oldest brother.He is a genius like Touma"Thomas H. norstein And Koushiro"Izzy" Izumi.

Joe Kodoshiwa: Partner:Gotsumon Trait:??? Age:16 Digivice:White/Grey He is yumi arch enemy And cousin.

Shuniu shinjiku: Partner:Wisemon Trait:??? Age:56 Digivice:Cream/Chocolate shiniu is Joe And Yumi's Grandfather and also teach Joe Taichi(not Taichi kamiya).

Chika Ichihara: Partner:Bearmon Trait:Happy Age:9 Digivice:Black/blue Chika is Miami's only Sister.She is cheerful one cause that her trait is happy.

Firi: Partners:agumon/gabumon Trait:The friendship of kindness Age:16 Digivice:orange/blue He is yumi's crush or boyfriend And Jun enemy (And Friend?).

Evolution Jyarimon-Gigimon-Guilmon-Dinomon-Magna Dinomon-Devil Dinomon


Pabumon-Motimon-tentomon-Kabuterimon-atlur Kabuterimon-Hercules kabuterimon


Snow Botamon-Nyaromon-Salamon-Gatomon-Angewomon-Ophanimon




Betamon---Metal seadramon

Botamon-KOromon-Agumon Anime 2006-geogreymon-rise greymon-victory greymon

Punimon-Tsunomon-Gabumon-Garurumon-WereGarurumonX-Zeed Garurumon

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